Greta Thunberg Sues Everyone

While most of the world is focused on coronavirus, the lockdown, and the collapse of the economy, Greta Thunberg is working hard with one goal in mind: to be the center of attention once more.

But she’s not going to have it easy.

People who believe hoaxes such as climate change are also highly likely to believe in hoaxes such as coronavirus being dangerous. People who are worried about getting coronavirus and turning into zombies immediately are not going to be worried about long-term threats such as the alleged danger of the climate change hoax.

So the smarmy little cunt is dropping to new lows.


Swedish climate worrier Greta Thunberg asked the U.N. on Tuesday to back her lawsuit against Germany and a selection of other countries that use fossil fuel to drive their economies.

Thunberg’s legal claim alleges minors face ”increased death and disease” as a result of climate change, therefore countries that use fossil fuels should face consequences.

China, which accounts for 30 percent of global emissions, has been specifically excluded from the action.

The 17-year-old is joined in the lawsuit by a range of petitioners between the ages of eight and 17 representing a host of countries around the world, as reported by Breitbart News.

Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany and Turkey have specifically been singled out for attention, being accused of ”breaching their obligations under the international Convention on the Rights of Child, by promoting fossil fuels and failing to curb greenhouse gas emissions for decades, despite knowing about the risks of climate change,” the group said in a press release, as reported by Deutsche Welle newsagency.

With the filing, Thunberg and her fellow activists are escalating a confrontation with the five countries that stemmed from a lawsuit they formally filed to the U.N. Convention back in September 2019.

The 16 petitioning children range from 8 to 17 years old and hail from Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Marshall Islands, Nigeria, Palau, South Africa, Sweden, Tunisia, and the United States.

The complaint was filed through the Third Optional Protocol, a mechanism which allows children to formally request the U.N. take action regarding the petitioner’s cause of choice.

Three countries – Brazil, France and Germany – have responded to the lawsuit, according to the press release, arguing the claims against them were ”ill-founded or unsubstantiated,” the complaint was ”inadmissible in the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child,” and that ”the climate crisis is so global that no state bears responsibility.”

Deutsche Welle reports the activists said these objections are ”baseless,” adding ”the countries should be judged for their conduct rather than words.”

Argentina and Brazil are poor countries, and poor countries are not likely to put controlling carbon carbon emissions over preventing their economies from further collapse.

But Greta and her minions want to judge these countries.

They want to judge all countries.

They want to judge you personally.

They want to look at you with their smug, condescending expression, and they want to feel better than you.