Greta Thunberg Speaks Up About the 500 MILLION Animals That YOU Killed in Australia

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 6, 2020

Australia is on fire. And the summer there has only just begun. 2019 was a year of record heat and record drought. Today…

Gepostet von Greta Thunberg am Samstag, 4. Januar 2020

In other words…


This is a Koala:

You have stolen its future.

How dare you burn little animals just because you don’t want to stop using air conditioners?

They are hurt because of you.

Koalas are in pain, and it’s all because of you.

If you don’t stop not being vegan and not driving a Tesla car, Koalas will continue to burn.

Do you want Koalas to burn?

Daily Mail:

Rescuers are frantically searching Kangaroo Island for injured animals amid fears over half of its 50,000 koala population perished in Friday’s devastating bushfire.

Thousands of charred bodies of native animals were littered across the West End Highway, including wallabies and koalas, after the animals tried to escape the inferno at Flinders Chase National Park.

Sam Mitchell, Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park co-owner, said his team is rescuing survivors as quickly as possible ahead of worsening conditions in the coming days.

There is no food left, for those (animals) who didn’t perish in the fire, a lot of them will starve to death,’ he told The Advertiser.

Mr Mitchell said the island has ‘gone from one extreme to the other’, recalling suggestions the island’s koalas should be culled in past years.

‘People would talk about koalas being a pest species … but now there are a lot of koalas (which) perished in the fires,’ he said.

Mr Mitchell said it could take years for the native wildlife to recover.

A GoFundMe page set up to treat injured animals in the park has raised over $155,000.

Fireman Rick Fisher said many of the survivors were orphaned infants who approached him looking for comfort.

Several had to be put down because serious injuries, either burns or respiratory.

Mr Fisher said he watched as the flames tore through nearby plantations.

‘You can only find the injured koalas on the edge of the plantation, All the ones inside the ground would have been killed instantly,’ he said.

Meanwhile, a total fire ban has been declared across Kangaroo Island as Country Fire Service crews race to quell areas still burning ahead of deteriorating conditions this week.

Cooler weather and some rain across the fireground on Saturday and Sunday brought some relief with the focus of locals shifting towards damage assessment and recovery.

But authorities imposed the fire ban for Monday as temperatures across SA were forecast to push into the mid to high 30s by Wednesday.

You are behaving like someone who wants koalas to burn to death.

If we want to save this planet, we have to change our brutish and ignorant fossil-fueled ways.

Thankfully, we have wise girls like Greta to guide us towards the righteous path.

The plan is simple:

  1. Ignore China and India
  2. Stop driving your car
  3. Stop using air conditioners and save energy
  4. Stop eating animals because HOW DARE YOU
  5. Live like the aboriginal tribes of the Amazon

It is a clear, step-by-step guide to saving the planet.

If you refuse to follow through with it, you will be responsible for countless additional deaths.