Greta Thunberg Seeks to Change the Weather in Africa to Stop Blacks from Being Poor

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2020

Greta Thunberg, angry mentally retarded teenage messiah of the black race.

The primary reason that the blacks are so poor is that white people drove cars and caused the weather to change in Africa.

Greta Thunberg plans to solve this problem by changing the weather in Africa.

If whites pay extreme taxes, the weather will change in Africa.


Teen activist Greta Thunberg has hosted a press conference to stress the importance of how climate change is affecting people in Africa.

One of those taking part was Vanessa Nakate, a Ugandan at the centre of a race row at Davos last week.

She was angered after she was cropped out of a photograph taken with her white peers, including Ms Thunberg.

She said activists in Africa campaigned as much as their counterparts elsewhere but were often ignored by the media.

“This is the time for the world to listen to the activists from Africa and to pay attention to their stories,” Ms Nakate told journalists via a video link from Uganda’s capital, Kampala.

“This is an opportunity for media to actually do some justice to the climate issues in Africa.”

The event was organised in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, by Ms Thunberg’s #FridaysForFuture movement, which she started in August 2018 inspiring millions around the world to demand more be done to stop climate change.

The 17-year-old said she wanted to use the media attention she attracted to focus on climate change in Africa as “the African perspective is so under-reported”.

If we can pay enough taxes to make Africa one or two degrees colder, these niggers will be rolling in money.

It really is that simple.

Here are the African children standing up against white people and demanding that whites repent of their crimes and change the weather back.

Listen to their voices and repent.

“Bitch it be hot out this muthafocka. I ain’t be gettin nufin done because yall white faggots made this bitch too hot fo my black ass.” -Vanessa Nakate
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It’s really simple:

  • Pay high taxes
  • Change the weather in Africa
  • Africa becomes a first world country

If you want to do something to help the Africans not be so poor, consider eating bugs. Because if you eat beef, you are causing cow farts, which is causing the weather to be too hot in Africa, which is causing Africans to be poor.

That is basic science.