Greta Thunberg Now Campaigns Against Vaccine Nationalism, Calls for Vaccine Equality

She looks like she’s eating more food.

Greta Thunberg is complaining that the richest countries are vaccinating their own young and healthy people instead of giving those vaccines to poorer countries that need to vaccinate higher risk groups.

Considering that Israel has vaccinated most of its population, Greta’s statements are quite anti-Semitic.

The Guardian:

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has urged governments, vaccine developers and the world to “step up their game” to fight vaccine inequity after the richest countries bought up most Covid-19 vaccine doses and those in poorer nations have gone without.

The Swedish teen who inspired the climate strike movement chipped in €100,000 (US$120,000) from her charitable foundation to the WHO Foundation to help buy Covid vaccines for countries where they are needed, especially in poor countries.

It is completely unethical that high-income countries are now vaccinating young and healthy people if that happens at the expense of people in risk groups and on the front lines in low- and middle-income countries,” said Thunberg, who was invited as a guest for a regular WHO briefing.

While Thunberg hailed the development of Covid vaccines in “record time,” she cited estimates that one in four people in high-income countries have received them so far, while only one in 500 in middle- and lower-income countries have.

“The international community, governments and vaccine developers must step up their game and address the tragedy that is vaccine inequity,” she said. “Just with the climate crisis, those who are the most vulnerable need to be prioritised and global problems require global solutions.”

Young women know exactly how to run the world.

Angela Merkel should be replaced with Greta Thunberg for the upcoming world government.

If her skin were a bit darker, Greta would literally be the single most perfect human on earth.