Greta Thunberg Movie Due for Release in Summer

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2019

“If you really believe in something, stop going to school and start going on yacht trips” may sound like a weird teaching to convey through a film, but that’s what the upcoming movie about Greta Thunberg is all about.

Daily Mail:

Greta Thunberg’s journey from a ‘quiet teenage schoolgirl’ to the figurehead of a global climate movement has been captured for an upcoming documentary.

Those involved in the project are said to have been following the Swedish teenager since she first began her ‘school strike for the climate’ movement in Stockholm last August.

The film – with the working title ‘Greta’ – is slated for release on Hulu in the summer of 2020, Deadline reported.

If they really have been following Greta for more than a year, then the film may shine some light on her brutal vegan transformation.



Other than that, there’s not much else. The media has already been covering Greta Thunberg’s every move and most people are painfully aware of her existence.

It will be produced by Cecilia Nessen and Frederik Heinig, through B-Reel Films, and is said to be directed by Swedish journalist and filmmaker Nathan Grossman.

The documentary will follow Greta as a ‘quiet teenage girl on the autistic spectrum’ who begins a climate campaign with one simple question: ‘If you don’t care about my future on earth, why should I care about my future in school?

That question is retarded, just like Greta Thunberg’s whole “rise to fame” story.

“If you don’t care about me, why should I care about me?”

Are there any climate scientists predicting that Sweden will collapse due to some kind of climate change disaster within Greta Thunberg’s lifetime? If yes, then what makes that one prediction different from all of the previous climate change predictions that ended up being totally wrong?

Furthermore, to actually answer her silly question: she should care about her future in school despite others not caring about her future on earth because she cares about her future on earth.

It will then show the eco-warrior as she becomes a world famous activist when her modest school strike evolves into a global movement within months.

An insider told Deadline that Hulu became involved with the project ‘a while back’ and had been working ‘behind the scenes while deals were being made’.

She was a product all along.

The good thing about this is that people from all over the internet now have an excuse to create all kinds of movie posters featuring Greta.

Here are a few of my all-time favorite Greta pictures in case you’re feeling artistic:

One thing that can’t be said about Greta is that she doesn’t produce a huge volume of funny pictures every time she’s photographed somewhere, so at least this documentary will have some comedic value.