Greta Thunberg is Jealous of Joe Biden

Greta really should be the ruler.

It makes sense that she’s jealous of Brandon and Lord Fauci.

She is the one with the solutions, so why should she not rule?


Speaking to the Washington Post, Greta Thunberg has condemned President Biden for overseeing fossil fuel infrastructure expansion across the US despite having set ambitious climate goals that would see it hit net zero by 2050.

The wide-ranging interview saw Thunberg address international efforts to tackle climate change in the wake of COP26, which she had previously called a “failure” and a “PR event.” While accepting that the summit had been “a step forward,” the activist opined that it “doesn’t mean anything” unless nations “actually fulfil those ambitions.”

As for Biden, Thunberg said she rejected the idea that the US president was leading the world in addressing the threat posed by climate change, given the US was expanding its fossil fuel infrastructure.

I mean, it’s strange that people think of Joe Biden as a leader for the climate when you see what his administration is doing.”

Yes, Joe Biden is not radical enough.

If you want to save the climate, you have to force people to eat the bugs, and ban electricity and fuel.

My favorite picture of Greta Thunberg is this one, from back when she was going through a full vegan phase:

It really encapsulates the essence of everything she demands.