Greta is Still Haunting the World, Threatening Governments, Making Lunatic Demands

This bitch is like a case of herpes that never went through puberty.

Yes, Greta Thunberg is still alive and she is still going around the world making all kinds of outrageous demands.

She is not waiting in the shadows to make her grand return, as would have been much more tactful. She’s just pretending she’s still as important as she was a few months ago, despite the fact that she’s been totally eclipsed by viruses and black people.


Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg is urging developing island countries to use the upcoming United Nations Security Council election as leverage to push Canada and Norway to step up their games on climate change.

The 17-year-old from Sweden has become one of the most recognized climate activists in the world with her climate strike movement growing into a global phenomenon last year.

She is the headline signatory on a letter to UN ambassadors of small island developing states, which says that Canada and Norway both give lip service to climate action but remain steadfast in their commitment to expand fossil fuel production and subsidizing oil companies.

“For the young generation who will inherit the consequences of these decisions, it is critical that those who claim to be leading on climate action are held to account for decisions they are making back at home,” the letter reads.

Three other youth climate activists and 22 global climate scientists also signed the letter, including Eddy Carmack, a recently retired Fisheries and Oceans Canada scientist who was awarded the Order of Canada this year for his work on climate change.

‘Unite behind the science’
The letter asks the ambassadors to raise the issue with Canada and Norway “and demand that they unite behind the science” of climate change, commit to no new oil and gas exploration or production and phase out their existing production.

Canada is going up against Norway and Ireland for the two seats available in next week’s election to the UN body. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has devoted a lot of political capital to trying to win the spot.

With most European countries expected to side with their continental neighbours, Canada has put its effort into wooing countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, including most of the more than three-dozen island countries targeted by Wednesday’s letter. Trudeau has spoken or met directly with the leaders of nearly one-third of those countries since February.

Norway and Canada both have economies heavily based on oil and gas. Ireland has very little fossil fuel production and last year committed to ending oil and gas exploration altogether.

I can’t tell you my level of exhaustion with “unite behind the science.”

What they need to say is “unite behind our newest graphs, which will be proven wrong in a couple years, and then you will need to unite behind the new graphs.”

Or they could just say “the world needs to unite behind whatever graphs we’re presenting at the time.”