Greens Planning to Transplant Entire Syrian Villages to Eastern Europe

Diversity Macht Frei
June 21, 2017

This is from an interview with Ska Keller, leader of the Green group in the European Parliament.

You suggest sending large groups of refugees together into a country – for example an entire Syrian village to Lithuania. Do you seriously believe the eastern Europeans will go along with that?

The idea of the Syrian village is only one possibility that could be used. For example, when refugees don’t want to go alone into a country where there are no other refugees. People like to go where there are people from their own country living. That makes integration and acceptance simpler. The refusal of the Czech Republic and other states to accept refugees infringes EU law. For that reason the EU Commission has initiated a procedure against these countries due to infringement of the EU treaty.


Keller studied Islamic studies, Turkish and Jewish Studies at Free University of Berlin and at Sabancı Üniversitesi in Istanbul.


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