Greens Demand Australia ‘Does’ 20,000 Syrian Refugees

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
September 6, 2015

A picture is worth 20,000 refugees
A picture is worth 20,000 refugees

Given how Australia and Syria are practically neighbours, it’s only reasonable that the Greens suggest they ‘do’ some asyluming of 20,000 of their pretend refugees, 9News reports.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale said more than 250,000 men, women and children had already died and it was time for Australians to lend a helping hand.

He said attitudes towards refugees had reached a turning point following distressing images of young children trying to escape the war being washed up on beaches in Europe.

“I just say to Tony Abbott, if you have a skerrick of compassion, of decency, of humanity – you would support the Greens’ call and immediately welcome 20,000 Syrian refugees who desperately need our help,” Senator Di Natale told reporters in Melbourne today.

“We are a lucky country and strong enough to offer people safety and respite from war.”

A lucky country…? Yes, that is what they used to call Australia when it was White. But since the traitor political class abolished the White Australia Policy, things have been going downhill ever since for the once proud ocker nation. Besides the fact that unemployment is high, homelessness growing, housing unaffordable and rental accommodation next to nil in the big cities, it’s only reasonable that they pour even more unemployable, uncivilised dross into the already overspilling melting pot.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he will not bow to the calls made by the Greens.

The coalition agreed to take 440 people from northern Iraq and east Syria in 2014 as it carefully considered the impact of Islamic State through those areas, Mr Abbott said.

He did, however, suggest that Australia may have scope to accept more refugees in the future because of his government’s controversial Operation Sovereign Borders.

“One of the good things about stopping the boats is that we are now in a much better position to increase our refugee and humanitarian intake,” Mr Abbott told reporters in Hobart.

From a time when Australia was evil and wrong
From a time when Australia was evil and wrong

So that’s all right, Tones, Australia is taking a rain check on the latest dump-quota of human garbage. Still, the way old jug-ears is going, there is a strong chance he won’t be PM come the next Australian federal election. Which means the dreaded hammer-and-sickle of Labor, and they’ve made their intentions clear, at least on one state level, as the ABC reports:

The Tasmanian Labor leader is driving a new push to provide a safe haven at the Pontville Detention Centre for Syrians fleeing the war.

The empty detention centre is on prime Defence Force land north of Hobart and defence authorities are hoping to sell it before Christmas.

Opposition Leader Bryan Green has called a meeting of community leaders from Glenorchy, Brighton and the Derwent Valley for next Tuesday at Parliament to discuss the possibility of housing Syrian refugees at Pontville in response to the humanitarian crisis in Europe.

Mr Green said Prime Minister Tony Abbott was not showing any leadership.

“Effectively he says just stop the boats, in other words stay where you are, these people have been displaced as a result of war and evil and they need help,” he said.

“Tasmania’s played a significant role in that in the past and I think there’s an opportunity for us to do the same again.”

See, ‘leadership’ means bringing in thousands of refugees, which is a novel new definition yet to be inserted into the local dictionaries, however it’s meaning is well understood among those of the White-hating mould like Labor and The Greens. But hold onto you yarmulkes because the New South Wales Liberal Premier Mike Baird, one of Tony’s own tribe, saw that picture of the little kiddy and now he wants 20,000 Syrian pretend-refugees to come and take over Australia and make it just like Syria.

NSW Premier Mike Baird has spoken of his despair at the plight of drowned Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi, urging Prime Minister Tony Abbott to “do more” than just “stopping the boats”.

In a heartfelt plea on his Facebook page posted today, the Premier said the state government stood ready to help.

Mr Baird described how he had had felt “sick” after seeing the image of the lifeless three-year-old lying facedown on the Turkish seashore.

Mr Baird said he would be seeking discussions with the Federal Government over the coming days to see what more could be done.

“In the meantime, my prayers remain with little Aylan’s family, with all those suffering persecution, and with our world leaders as they seek to address this growing crisis,” he said.

Given Australia is “girt by sea” there’s a good chance if any of these hairy subhumans DO make it down under the fuckers will drown on their first visit to the beach. Then again, there are bulk sharks, deadly jellyfish and stuff too.

But will there be enough sharks and jellyfish? Because the media is now thumming with the message that Australia MUST take in refugees from a world away in Syria.