Green-Haired Slut’s Adventure in Diversity was Caught on Camera! She Refused to Give Up Her Wallet!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2019

We’ve got here more hilarious news from the funniest murder of the year.

New York Post:

Grainy surveillance video captured the robbery and fatal stabbing of Barnard College freshman Tessa Majors in Morningside Park, it emerged in a Tuesday court hearing for one of her alleged murderers.

A surveillance camera mounted atop a security booth near the entrance to the park was rolling as three alleged teenage muggers accosted and knifed Majors, 18, on Dec. 11, an NYPD investigator testified.

“It’s a pixelated video,” said Detective Wilfredo Acevedo, adding that the clip captured “a little scuffle at the bottom of the steps, and poking motions towards the victim.”

The video’s existence emerged in a Manhattan Family Court hearing for Zyairr Davis, 13, charged with felony murder in the case.

Davis, the only member of the trio charged thus far, has purportedly admitted to taking part in the robbery, but denied stabbing Majors, authorities have said.

Under questioning by Davis’ lawyer, Acevedo affirmed that the video does not show Davis lay a hand on Majors, while his two alleged accomplices, both 14, put Majors in a chokehold, robbed her and stabbed her.

One of the middle-schoolers was arrested last week but released as cops continue to build their case, while the other — believed to be the alleged stabber — jumped out of a car and fled on Monday while he was being driven to speak with cops, sources have said.

That is the funniest thing.

They held this kid for questioning, then let him go, then decided to charge him.

They said he could turn himself in, then a chaperone driving him let him just jump out of the car and start running.

And they can’t find him.

A 13-year-old African boy is eluding the entire NYPD, during what is currently the most high-profile murder case in the country.

God bless our boys in blue, but they are no match for our boys in black (skin).

“He [Davis] observed one of the individuals reaching into the victim’s pocket and removing something,” testified Acevedo. “He said it was a plastic bag.

“He heard Ms. Majors yell for help and refuse to get robbed,” Acevedo continued. “She was just refusing to give up her property.

“He said one of the individuals had the knife and stabbed her.”

Yeah, well.

How entitled was this bitch? 


Imagine being surrounded by three blacks with knives and refusing to give them your wallet.

I’ve been robbed by blacks. They don’t even take the whole wallet. And they don’t take your phone. They just pull the money out of the wallet and throw it on the ground. The one who robbed me last time did cut my head with his knife, but it was only because I called him a nigger while he had the knife to my throat. (Which isn’t advisable, but I had been drinking.) But I did tell him where my wallet was. (He couldn’t find it because it was in the front pocket of my jacket.) Because it was obvious I wasn’t getting out of that situation.

It’s a pretty typical situation that most people know how to handle. The blacks want your money, but they would always prefer not to get a murder charge. Most adults would be capable of navigating this situation.

Apparently, this green-haired bitch had never been told “no” in her entire life, and just couldn’t imagine a situation where she was not in total control.

And so instead of handing over her wallet and not getting stabbed, she got stabbed and they took her wallet.

Here’s some more of her tweets we dug up.

She was a real beauty.

This one is sooooo funny though.

Ah, but at least she got her wish.

She’s real famous now.

Famous for being a bitch so stupid and entitled that she didn’t know that when you’re surrounded by blacks in a dark park at night you’re not supposed to argue with them about giving up your wallet.

I almost feel bad.

lol jk.