Greek Website Reports Golden Dawn Polling in First Place

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2013

As was obviously going to happen, the blood of the Golden Dawn martyrs shot down on the street in like dogs by Anti-Greek terrorists has greatly strengthened the morale of the party and the vastly increased support from the wider Greek population.

According to the Greek website, the party is now in first place, with leftists Syriza more than three points behind.

Hail Victory.
Hail Victory.

In English:

Golden Dawn 22.6%
Syriza 19.2%
New Democracy 16.7%
Independent Greeks 4.9%
KKE (Greek Communist Party)4.9%
PASOK 4.5%
Democratic Left 1.1%

A rigged ALCO poll yesterday claimed they were at 8.8%, which is an obvious lie, following the age-old strategy of attempting to discredit an idea by presenting it as having less popular support than it actually has.  Elections have already demonstrated that the Greek establishment is willing to openly lie about the party’s popularity, and in May, we will find that they are lying again.

Group Claims Responsibility for Murders

A previously unknown leftist organization calling itself “Fighting Peoples’ Revolutionary Forces” has claimed responsibility for the murders of two members of the Golden Dawn.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

A previously unknown urban guerrilla group has claimed responsibility for the shooting of three alleged members of Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party earlier this month outside local party offices in a suburb north of Athens.

The group, the “Fighting Peoples’ Revolutionary Forces,” said Saturday it had shot the three men in retaliation for the recent death of a left-wing rap artist, Pavlos Fyssas, who was fatally stabbed by a self-professed Golden Dawn supporter in mid-September.

In an 18-page statement published on a local news website, the group said the attack that left two people dead and a third injured was the beginning of a popular struggle to crush the far-right party. It pledged to “exterminate” members and followers of Golden Dawn. The statement warned the group would blame Golden Dawn for any attacks in Greece by anyone against immigrants, leftists or anarchists.

I said from the beginning that it would have to have been either the act of individuals or of a small leftist organization not directly controlled by Jews, as the killings did exactly the opposite of what the Jews want to happen, and strengthened the party’s support.

Things are continuing to go very well.  Having the Leader in prison on charges which do not make clear sense, while members of the party are being murdered on the street by terrorists, is about as silly as it could get.  These Jews really are loosing their marbles as the global situation becomes ever more volatile.  And that is a good thing.

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