Greek Government in Chaos After Release of Kasidiaris Tape

Daily Stormer
April 3, 2014

Jew-tool Samaras, soon-to-be-deposed Prime Minister of Greece.
Jew-tool Samaras, soon-to-be-deposed Prime Minister of Greece.
We knew that the Golden Dawn was clever.  But it is fantastic to learn that they are this clever.

There is no way they can push through their plan to arrest the whole party before the elections after it is publicly admitted that the whole thing was a complete sham to begin with.

Greek Reporter:

The Greek coalition government has been “plunged into chaos”, reports Thursday’s Financial Times, by the release Wednesday of a video featuring Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris having a politically embarrassing conversation with Takis Baltakos, who has duly resigned as the prime minister’s chief of staff.

The film was posted online, and shows Baltakos claiming Prime Minister Antonis Samaras had ordered the arrest of Golden Dawn MPs without enough evidence. Samaras denies any knowledge of the affair, according to the London newspaper, which predicts the scandal will most likely cost New Democracy votes at the forthcoming European elections.

The scandal prompted Pamos Kammenos, head of the right-wing opposition party Independent Greeks to demand that the coalition government step down, while junior coalition partner PASYK said connections with neo-Nazis should be punished.

The video was released by Golden Dawn shortly before parliament voted overwhelmingly to lift the immunity from prosecution afforded five of Golden Dawn lawmakers as MPs, among them Ilias Kasidiaris, a candidate for mayor of Athens. Kasidiaris claims that, if elected and imprisoned, he would perform mayoral duties even from his cell.

They have pretty well sealed the deal.

Oh, and Kasidiaris says he has more tapes.

May is coming.