Greece: Video of Migrant Being Shot Dead – Media Confirms Death by Rubber Bullet

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2020


The death of the migrant has been confirmed by French and British media.

This second video was posted by a BBC journalist.

It was a rubber bullet, not live ammo, which makes a lot more sense.

But there are going to be calls for all Greek troops to be removed from the border, and to just let all of these people in.

For whatever reason, the machine hasn’t started working yet. But the entire media and Angela Merkel will probably pounce on this in the next 24 hours.

It’s going to be quite a thing if this turns into 2015 part 2.

Original article follows. 

Video has been released of a migrant having been shot as he tried to storm Greece following Ottoman Leader Erdogan’s decision to open the border as punishment for white people not helping him fight a war against Syria.

The Arabs are reporting on this video as being a fact.

Al Araby:

A Syrian refugee was shot dead by Greek border police on Monday, as police increased their assault on refugees trying to enter Europe.

The refugee, who was identified as Ahmad Abu Emad, was killed Monday morning by Greek police whilst trying to enter Europe, Syrian activist Asaad Hanna said.

His death came as thousands of refugees attempted to cross Turkey’s western border with Greece after Ankara opened its side of the frontier.

Only dozens managed to pass through either border fences or fording the river there.

Greek police attacked refugees with tear gas as they tried to push through.

Several hundreds held white flags, chanting “peace, peace”, asking to be let through into Greece. 

Turkey declared its borders open to pressure the EU into helping it handle the Syrian refugee influx.

“All armies are killing Syrian people around the world,” Hanna said.

Invading a country while chanting “peace” is alpha as heck.

Total chad move.

The Greeks are saying this is fake and the event did not happen.

“Video showing fatality on Greek-Turkish border is fake news. We call upon everyone to use caution when reporting news that furthers Turkish propaganda,” government spokesman Stelios Petsas tweeted.

I guess they would say that.

It’s not what I would have said.

If these people know they’re going to get shot, they won’t come.

And as Israel says when it shoots people rushing its border, “countries have a right to protect their borders.”

This whole bit with getting Erdogan to hold the border is ludicrous. It would only take a few people getting shot to stop them from coming. The entire reason that all throughout history people did not invade other people’s countries is that they were afraid of being killed by the people they were invading. This is the facts.

Furthermore, if you actually cared about the lives of these hopping monkeys, you would be for shooting a few of them, because that would prevent them from getting in these boats, which will end up killing more than the bullets.

The other reported death today following the border opening was a child who allegedly drowned in one of their fail boats.

So is It Fake News?

We’re just going to have to wait and see if it’s fake news. Other Arabian outlets are reporting it as true. But no mainstream Jew site is reporting on it at all. Which means they’re still trying to figure out if it’s true, because if they knew it was fake, they’d report that it’s fake. The last thing the Jew media wants is for Moslems to be afraid to rush Europe.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a Greek soldier would do this, and they were on the border firing tear gas at them. Potentially a soldier could shoot one without being identified as the one who shot. That isn’t really very bright thinking, because if it is real, then they’re obviously going to use this as an excuse to totally open the border. They’ll have to pull the soldiers and just let people walk right in.

They’re also giving the guy’s name, which makes it seem more likely it’s true.

The video certainly looks real. I don’t think that could be faked. But it could be from somewhere else, I don’t know.

Sometime today we should learn the truth. I’ll update this article when I know.