Greece: US Flags Burned Ahead of Visit by Evil Fat Slob Pompeo

Imagine that our country – that is, us, you and me, the people you know – is represented on the world stage by a fat slob who just wants to start wars with the entire world in the name of Israel.

Isn’t that embarrassing for you personally?

I am personally embarrassed, as I would be if I was like, caught masturbating in an elevator.


Hundreds of people took to the streets in Athens and Thessaloniki to protest the arrival of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Greece, with clashes erupting outside the American embassy in the capital.

The protest march, organized by students and left-wing groups, remained peaceful along most of its route. The demonstrators carried red flags and chanted slogans, including “Pompeo is unwanted!” and “Yankee, go home!”

But things became heated as the group reached the heavily-guarded US embassy, where there were clashes, with police reportedly employing batons and tear gas.

A similar protest was staged in Thessaloniki. Demonstrators in the country’s second largest city made a stop outside the US Consulate, stretching the American flag on the pavement and trampling on it.

Pompeo landed in the country for a two-day visit on Monday, amid tensions between Greece and Turkey over conflicting maritime boundary claims in the Mediterranean Sea.

Athens and Ankara, who previously mobilized warships and planes over the dispute, have recently agreed to start negotiations on the divisive issue.

I hate to see anyone trample on the American flag.

But we’ve allowed the worst people on earth to represent our country.

Mike Pompeo is literally the worst person on earth, aside from maybe William Barr.

We need an agenda to change the Congress so that we can move these people out.

If we do that, we will not only fix our own country, but we can be a force of good instead of evil on the world stage.