Greece: Syrian Child Refugees from Afghanistan Set Their Own Camp on Fire; At Least 2 Dead

Daily Stormer
September 30, 2019

Nice to write about good news once in a while.

The death toll is too small for my liking, but every single dead invader means one less bullet in the future.


At least two Afghans died Sunday when a riot broke out in their rescue camp on the Greek island of Lesbos as illegal migrant numbers surge once more across the Mediterranean.

Athens News Agency, quoting police sources, reported a woman and a child had died in the blaze at the Moria camp. The body of the woman was taken to the island’s general hospital while the body of the child was handed over to authorities by migrants.

What were they rioting about?

Nobody knows, they just do it spontaneously once in a while for no reason.

The fire inside the camp was extinguished by plane. But police later fired tear gas to control an angry crowd who said authorities took too long to respond to the incident, according to an AFP correspondent.

The death toll, however, was unclear with an Afghan migrant eyewitness saying three people died as a result of the fire that spread to six or seven containers used to house residents.

In a statement, police said the riots occurred after two separate fires broke out, firstly outside and then inside Moria camp with a time gap of 20 minutes.

So there might be more deaths.

Then again, none of these creatures can count, so I might just be getting my hopes up for nothing.

Lesbos, Greece’s third-largest island, is a magnet for migrant traffickers along the Turkish coast who aim dinghies at the island’s flat northern coastline or at the seafront lights of its international airport.

The number of illegal migrants landing right across Greece, numbered in the hundreds of thousands at the height of the migrant crisis, is surging upwards once more, as Breitbart News reported.

Greece admits that it doesn’t have the capacity to accommodate so many on the islands and its government has said it will discuss a new asylum law to deal with the migrant crisis.

The country hosts about 70,000 Syrian refugees and migrants who have fled their homeland since 2015.


The bad news is that we’re being invaded by creatures that literally can’t stop killing each other for no reason.

The good news tho is that the minute we start fighting is the minute we’ve won.