Greece: Syrian Child Refugees Chop Down Thousands of Olive Trees in Lesbos for No Reason

I haven’t seen a “before” picture, but I assume it looked better

I’m sure Mama Merkel is happy right now.

If there’s one thing missing in Germany’s economy, it’s experienced lumberjacks.

Greek City Times:

It has been a wild few days on the Greek island of Lesvos. The past few days has seen two gangs of Afghani immigrants battle each other and African immigrants ridicule and cough on police in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, as reported by Greek City Times.

However, if these incidences were not enough, 5,000 olives trees were cut from their roots by illegal immigrants from the infamous Moria migrant camp, to the north of Lesvos’ capital city of Mytilene.

Olive trees take approximately 65-80 years to reach stable yields, meaning that the destroyed trees are a major blow to the local economy. Olive exports amount to about US$700 million every year to the Greek economy.

Fun fact: “Moria” means “olive tree.”

They’re not really reporting this in any mainstream media outlet that I could find, at least not in English.

It’s probably too warm for them to spin it as “they were cold and needed firewood” so they decided to just not mention this gratuitous act of hostility from supposedly scared and starving children who are eager to pay Merkel’s pension.

As olive trees take several decades to become productive, it is likely the land will be cultivated for other use now as farmers find more immediate ways to survive during this difficult economic period.

More deeply, the destruction of olive trees by the illegal immigrants is an attack against Greek heritage and identity, knowing the important role the fruit has played for millennia in Greece.

About half of the islands 50,000 illegal immigrants are kept at the Moria camp that is supposed to host 3,000 people only. In 2018, there was as many as one rape report a week in the Moria camp and an increase in killings and criminality on the island, including most recently rioting and olive tree chopping.

Yeah, these “people” aren’t nice to live around.

But they’ll become nice to live around as soon as they set foot somewhere with a lot of welfare.

Then everything will turn out fine, just like it did in Sweden.

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