Greece Rises Up Against Coronavirus Lockdowns! They’re Fire-Bombing the Cops!

It’s beautiful to see.


Athens police were bombarded with Molotov cocktails and pelted with stones amid major protests against a new government bill limiting public gatherings.

Some 10,000 people had assembled to protest across the Greek capital. Shortly after 8.30pm local time, a group of some 200 agitators were gathered outside the parliament building in Syntagma Square, when all hell broke loose.

Irate protesters pelted cops with Molotov cocktails, stones and bottles, prompting the police to respond in kind with volleys of tear-gas canisters and stun grenades. Eyewitness video from the scene captured the chaos as it unfolded.

There were similar protests in 40 other cities and towns, including Greece’s second-largest city, Thessaloniki, with protesters hurling stones and other debris at police.

“The right to hold peaceful gatherings must be protected … but it must be done in a way that will not interrupt the activity of an entire city,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told parliament on the second and final day of the debate about the proposed bill.

The bill purports to regulate street demonstrations, which, the conservative government argues, both disrupt the public and affect business. Opposition leaders accuse the government of attempting to quash any potential unrest in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

The new legislation would restrict many demonstrations, and can include an outright ban if an event is deemed to threaten public safety.

This isn’t even being framed as a coronavirus measure – they’re just saying “you can’t gather in the streets, because.”

Of course, they’re just going along with what the rest of the world is doing with the coronavirus, so that is the backing of it. Countries weren’t banning public gatherings before this obscene hoax.

With Serbia, Greece is the only country rising up against this.

You’d think the third world would be. Most of the third world didn’t do the stupid hoax, because people in the third world aren’t dying of the virus in the third world, because they’re not testing for it or declaring people who died of other things “coronavirus victims.”

However, the Philippines has turned into a bizarre experiment. They’ve gone more extreme than any other country. It’s not at all clear why, but they did it. No one is rising up there.

So God bless the Greeks and the Serbs for standing for justice and freedom against this lunatic hoax.