Greece: Lesbos Patriots REMOVE KEBAB

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
April 25, 2018

You either remove the kebab, or it burns down your bitch. That’s how it goes.

Fires in the streets, people fighting migrants, police arresting brown people, xenophobic speeches…

Is this what it looks like?

Looks like we have a lil’ day of the rope on our hands here boys. Though, only a small foretaste.


Clashes broke out on Sunday between asylum-seekers and groups of locals on Lesbos, police said, in one of the most serious bouts of violence on the Greek island in months.

Yeah, this is some Mad Max-tier stuff happening out there.

I love it!

Locals were protesting against a group of about 200 refugees and migrants who had camped out for days on a main square on the island’s seaside promenade, a police official on the island said. The asylum-seekers were demonstrating against conditions in the island’s camp and delays in asylum applications.

In other words, the brown people were whining that they weren’t being given enough free stuff and unearned legal privileges.

Obviously, these people don’t work. They’re purely freeloading off the native population. Yeah, I’d be mad too, if I was feeding some useless piece of shit and all he did was whine all day that I’m not doing enough for him.

Video footage on a local news website showed riot police moving in to disperse the crowd which had set several garbage containers on fire.

It’s unclear if it’s the native Greeks who set the fires, or the refugees. Either way, it really added to the atmosphere, so +1 for style here.

The clashes, which began on Sunday evening, lasted well into the early hours of Monday, the official said.

They rioted all night long!

This was basically a racist rave party.

tfw you take speed and E to stay up all night throwing bottles at minorities.

Media reported that far-right supporters were among the protesters. Lesbos Mayor Spiros Galinos described the protest as a “spontaneous reaction” but added: “If persons of extreme ideological beliefs took part in this reaction, it was to be expected.”

Lesbos was the main gateway to Europe for nearly a million refugees and migrants in 2015. Arrivals have slowed significantly since a European Union deal with Turkey in 2016 but a steady flow is putting pressure on island facilities.

Lesbos is a Greek island very close to the coast of Turkey, so a lot of invaders who came by boat were redirected there to contain them.

The people there really got the shaft with this migrant crisis, and its not surprising that tensions are growing like this.

We can expect a lot more race riots in the coming months and years, especially considering how little the government of most European countries does to control these migrants.