Greece: Jew Rats Attempting to Prosecute Kasidiaris for Relasing Damning Tape

XA Ameriki
April 7, 2014

Great job.
Great job.

The Greek government is now looking to to prosecute Ilias Kasidiaris for felony theft of sensitive material and violation of privacy for the release of the Baltakos video!

The almost laughable hypocrisy is citing privacy laws, against Golden Dawn members whose personal data has long been stolen without reason by the guards of the system. And while the system rationalized the violations with the label of “criminal organization” that has now been exposed as a fraud, they seized and released these assets to the media, violating every ethical and legal barrier they could in Greek Law in order to insinuate negative things in the public mind.  Even after all that, now the Samaras-Venizelos regime is in the middle of an “investigation” to see if they can produce an indictment against MP Kasidiaris for leaking this explosive footage that will cause the fall of Samaras.

This is apparently how  the ruling junta seeks to use “Law” and “Justice” in Greece.

Obviously the oligarchs and plutocrats in their variety of alliances are now even prohibiting the right of an accused person to prove their innocence, by threatening him with new personalized prosecutions to be adjusted at will by their perjurers court. The laws and human rights in this system apply selectively.

And while some TV channel parrots will talk about “Seperation of powers” and “independent” judicial investigation, the Greek people are following the facts that reveal the absolute control of power concentrated in a single tyrant backed by a regime of aligned traitors.

It is also no coincidence that after the revelations and resignation of Baltako, the new General Secretary appointed to the parliament to represent the coalition of bourgeois interests in occupied Greeceistan  is the chairman of the corrupt Supreme Court Fotis Kafmenakis!

The revolving door of kleptocrats appointed to these positions gives one an idea of the democracy of plutocrats which provokes one outrage and suppression after the other against the Greek people. As the system drifts towards collapse, with its corruption and conspiracies aired out for the world to see, there is no Greek, European Union or American controlled media spin capable of calling what they are doing to Golden Dawn “justice” anymore.  

And then some wonder how Greece ended up in the state it is today…