Greece: Jew Pressure Groups Leave Lesbos After Being Attacked by “Fascists”

Daily Stormer
March 8, 2020

Everything would turn out just fine without these pesky right-wingers, wouldn’t it?

Every day, some new (((NGO))) just appears out of thin air full of bright-eyed, idealistic people who just happen to be sponsored by Jews.


Several pro-migrant NGOs will be suspending their activities on the Greek island of Lesbos after attacks from locals they have deemed to be far-right extremists.

One of those halting operations is Douglas Herman, the co-founder of the NGO Refocus, who said that many of the organisations on Lesbos have told volunteers and staff to leave the island due to safety concerns after a rising number of attacks by locals.

According to Herman, who told his six employees to leave Lesbos, the attacks on NGO workers have been from “fascist gangs” who he said had set up roadblocks across the island and threatened NGO workers and volunteers, Die Zeit reports.

Anybody who doesn’t want to have his country invaded is a fascist by default these days…

As a fascist, this makes me feel oppressed and culturally appropriated…

The NGO vessel Mare Liberum, which claims to monitor the activities of authorities off the Greek coast for potential human rights violations, say they were also attacked by “fascists” on Monday evening.

“Our crew was attacked by a mob of fascists while the Mare Liberum was docked in Skala Loutron, Lesvos [Lesbos]. They shouted, threatened us & poured gasoline on our deck! Our crew saw themselves forced to leave & is now anchoring offshore. We’ll stay & continue monitoring!” the group said on Twitter.

So this particular Jew pressure group exists to “monitor” the activities of Greek authorities, to make sure no Moslem’s feelings are hurt.

These unelected people funded by Jews are supervising the authorities of a sovereign country because… democracy or something.

And the crazy thing isn’t that they’re doing it, but that governments are actually tolerating it.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has also claimed that there have been several attacks on journalists operating on Lesbos, as well.

The alleged attacks from the island locals came after several riots against the building of new migrant camps to house the migrants already on the island due to the massive overcrowding of the current migrant reception centres on the island.

Fun fact: Reporters Without Borders was literally founded by a bunch of open Trotskyites and gets most of its funding from mostly Jewish billionaires.

The Jews flooded the globe with these NGOs, paying hundreds of thousands of people billions of dollars to do nonstop agitation against the population of every country.

And most of these idiots probably actually think they’re “saving the world.”

Guess the ethnicity