Greece: Government to Oppress Purebloods Harder Starting Monday

One by one and mostly all at the same time, these extremist restrictions on the pureblooded are coming in across Europe. Again, you’re supposed to believe that this is a bunch of different nations making independent decisions which just are all coincidentally exactly the same.

White people really are pathetic, and they really do deserve this. In a metaphysical sense, you deserve everything you’re willing to accept.

Imagine that these peasants, these goyim, believed that the negative testing option would last forever.


The government will impose more restrictions for those not vaccinated against Covid-19 from next week, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Thursday following a steep rise in infections in recent weeks.

The measures were announced by Mitsotakis in a televised address to the nation and include barring unvaccinated citizens from all indoor spaces including cinemas, museums and gyms as of Monday, November 22.

Mitsotakis said his plan was for Greece “to have a better Christmas this year than last year.”

The new measures mean unvaccinated adults will no longer be able to access indoor venues by presenting a negative Covid test result. At present, unvaccinated adults are only excluded from indoor eateries.

Now they know what it feels like

He also said that the vaccination certificate for vaccinated persons over 60 years of age would cease to be valid seven months after the administration of the vaccine. Thus, this age group will be given one month to receive the booster vaccine.

Staggered working hours would also apply in the public and private sectors in order to avoid overcrowding, especially at rush hour times and on public transport.

The premier also said that unvaccinated churchgoers should have a negative laboratory test, as the Synod of the Orthodox Church of Greece has already called for.

Yes, most churches have endorsed history’s greatest hoax, just as they endorsed the stupid fake Jew Holocaust before this.

At least there are protests in Greece, which is more than we can say about a lot of countries. But a fair amount of people literally still believe in the virus hoax, and among those who don’t believe, it is only a fraction that are willing to fight back.

We’re all going to get what we deserve, I can tell you that.