Greece: Family Members of Victims Murdered by Communists Blocked from Paying Their Respects

XA Ameriki
September 29, 2014

In Mid September 1944, the Greek Communists entered a small town in Peloponessos called Meligalas. There they decided to murder civilians and throw their bodies down a well.

This was what became known as the “Massacre of Meligala” and every year since families of the victims go to the well to light a candle to honor the memory of their loved ones.


But this year was different,  the Samaras regime decided to ban any “Groups” like Golden Dawn from honoring the dead and police blocked the entrances. What the media failed to mention was that local villagers there were blocked as well.

Here above is the video of a woman refused entry by police, despite walking on foot and alone.

Since 1974, the Greek “Democratic” government began to pretend this never happened,  as the memory of communist massacres did not fit well with their “progressive” and “humanistic” message.

The educational system in Greece since then has also gone through great lengths to hide the atrocities that occured all over Greece during the Civil War. The so called “Patriotic” and “Conservative” elements of Greek politics have also conspired to cover up for the communists also.

While New Democracy tries very hard to maintain a traditional and even “anti-communist” image in the diaspora,  things like this are happening back in Greece.