Greece: Danish Patrol Boat Disobeys Orders, Picks Up Invaders and Drops Them on Greek Island

Daily Stormer
March 12, 2020

Der ewige Skandinavier strikes again!


A Danish boat that monitored the Aegean Sea as part of Operation Poseidon, a border control mission to support Greece, coordinated by Frontex, refused to send back migrants they picked up from the sea, Danish officials told Danish Radio.

Operation leader Jens Møller of the Danish Police told Danish Radio that they had picked up 33 migrants who went to Greece in a rubber boat when they received orders from Poseidon headquarters to send them back outside Greece’s waters.

The Danes refused to obey the order, which they called “controversial” and “life-threatening”. The inflatable boat, according to a crew member, was not in “seaworthy condition”.

The migrants were taken to the Greek island of Kos. Several of the crew members said that the rules of good seamanship dictate the obligation to help people at sea.

According to Navy Captain Jan Niegsch, it is risky to stop a rubber boat by force. By his own admission, such a situation can end up as a sea rescue.

I don’t suppose the thought occurred to him to dump them back in Turkey instead of Greece if he really felt the need to save them from the brutal Syrian civil war in Turkey, did it?

But what sane people save their invaders in the first place?

The Danish sailors said that they had seen episodes when Greek patrol boats sail close to the overcrowded inflatable boats to turn them around in so-called “pushbacks” or “turnbacks”, which they see as risky behaviour. The Danish crews have admittedly begun to document the “wrongdoings” of the Hellenic Coast Guard.

“If we witness something that we believe is contrary to the rules, then we document it and report it back to our system. Initially back to Frontex,” Jens Møller said.

If I ever become the ruler of a country, “No Scandinavians or kikes allowed” is gonna be the first line in the constitution.

Despite the increased pressure on the Frontex countries, Danish Defence Minister Trine Bramsen said she was satisfied that the crew did not obey the order.

“They solved the task based on the mandate they were given,” Bramsen noted.

Their defense minister is a woman – a childless one, of course.

Which makes sense if you think about it – if I were a soldier in time of war, I’d feel more confident knowing that my army is led by someone who can’t even do 3 pull-ups.

Following Turkey’s decision to open its borders to the European Union, border nations Greece and Bulgaria have been struggling to keep up with the migrant influx. Ankara has since accused Greece of “hitting” and “bullying” refugees during attempted sea crossing. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said called on Greece to “open the gates” because the refugees would just pass through before moving on.

While the practice of pushbacks is considered illegal in the EU and has repeatedly drawn criticism from human rights bodies such as Amnesty International and Oxfam, they have been an off-and-on policy of the Australian government since the early 2000s, which claimed them to have reduced the number of IMAs, or irregular maritime arrivals, by 80 percent.

Jewish pressure groups being against it is the best proof that it works, although torpedoes should probably work even better…

The Danecucks have to take a long, hard look into the mirror and admit to themselves that they have always been Swedes.

That’s the first step to getting cured.