Greece: Antifa Squats Burn Across the Country During Nationalist March, Holohoax Monuments Get Redecorated

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer

January 23, 2018

A series of fires targeting Antifa squats have burned Judeo-left terrorists out of their nests in Hellas.

Neighbors greeted the fires as liberation from the pungent odor contaminating their block. Additionally, the anarchist bases are hotbeds of violence, drug smuggling and often house illegal immigrant criminals terrorizing the public.

These flunkies may be the sons and daughters of politicians, businessmen and “intellectuals,” but in Greece, the Antifas have carte blanche from the government to murder nationalists (even more so than in the USA).

Here is one famous terrorist attack where they shot two Golden Dawn members. This happened five years ago and the culprits are still at large:

The fires happened during a nationalist rally over the dispute with FYROM. The NATO invented rump state has been named “Macedonia” after the ancient Greek homeland, despite having nothing to do with it or its history.

Here was the Golden Dawn contingent.

Al Jazeera:

Far-right violence gripped a northern city in Greece after hundreds of thousands of nationalists took to the streets for a protest.

Greek far-rightists on Sunday burned down a building used as an activist squat in the northern city of Thessaloniki.

The violence took place after a rally staged in opposition to negotiations over a name dispute with Greece’s northern neighbour, Macedonia.

Protesters set the Libertatia social centre alight, according to Greek-language media.

No injuries were reported.

The far-right group also attacked a nearby squat known as “The School”, but were confronted by anarchists and anti-fascist activists who pushed them back, witnesses wrote on Twitter.

A statement later posted on Athens IndyMedia, an anarchist news site, called for a “an immediate, militant mobilisation” against far-right attacks.

Images posted to social media also showed a Holocaust memorial in the northern city vandalised with far-right graffiti.

At “The School,” (hot bed of extremist activity) nationalists overpowered the cops (who protect the anarchists and their illegal dwellings) and gave the commies a wedgie!

As usual, the J-leftists declared it a victory…

The media is claiming Golden Dawn “vandalized” a Holocaust memorial.

First of all, this hideous structure is the act of vandalism, since it is really ugly and dedicated to a malicious anti-white blood libel.

Second of all, the Jews probably took advantage of the commotion to do it themselves.

All in all an exciting day in Greece.