Greece: Migrants Getting Sent to Concentration Camp After Burning Camp Again

Why do these people constantly burn down their own camps?


Hundreds of people have been evacuated from a soon-to-be-closed Vathy migrant camp on the Greek island of Samos, after a massive fire engulfed the facility just ahead of a planned relocation of its remaining residents.

Six fire engines were sent to the scene to contain the blaze, which according to authorities had started in a deserted area. “There is no danger for those who are still there because the fire broke out in abandoned sheds in the western side of the camp,” the Greek Ministry of Migration said.

The fire nevertheless forced a full evacuation, with several hundred people temporarily moved to an “empty space” near the entrance of the camp, while a handful of unaccompanied minors were transferred to a new facility.

The camp was due to shut down this week, but still housed between 300 and 500 migrants who were awaiting transfer.

Originally built to accommodate less than 700 people, Vathy sheltered up to 7,000 asylum-seekers at one point, often drawing criticism from human rights activists.

The new $50 million 12,000-square-meter “closed-style” facility was inaugurated this weekend. It features a double barbed-wire fence, surveillance cameras, X-ray scanners and magnetic doors, as well as a detention center for rejected asylum seekers.

The “closed-style facility” is literally just a concentration camp.

That might seem funny, putting these migrants in concentration camps, but we should note that it’s not really good to be normalizing concentration camps at a time when the government is talking about sending us to concentration camps.