Great Street Activism in Croatia: “Mass Immigration – Genocide of White Nations”

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
September 7, 2015

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There’s some great street activism going on in Croatia to expose White genocide.

I live in Croatia, and recently our government had be given order by EU leaders that we have to handle  3200 (probably much more unofficially) immigrants that have come in Italy and Greece.

Since Croatia is neighbor country of Serbia and Hungary, we are also expecting big wave of immigrants from there too.

Nevertheless, few of us are very well known of what is happening in white countries around the world, and we started to fight against this on the web and on our streets. We started to put stickers against White Genocide in our capital city. It’s only a small thing, I know, but we hope to awake people by putting them on every step of our land.

I’m sending you few photos of sticker activity. Inscription says: ‘Mass immigration – Genocide of White nations’. In our language it is a rhyme, so we hope psychological effect would be much better. We also have plans to make some stickers and leaflets about ‘anti-racism’ and ongoing white genocide in other EU countries that has already been destroyed.