“Great Resignation” – Millions of Americans are Quitting Their Jobs, But It has Nothing to Do with Vax Mandates

Some of these Yahoo! News articles I read are just wacky.

Look at this:

The article has this video from Good Morning America at the top, which starts out saying that more than 4 million Americans quit their jobs in August, then goes on to claim that it’s millennials looking for a happier life.

They go full esoterica, saying that the “pandemic” caused reflection on the meaning of life, and so people are considering what they value most as they confront the meaning of their existence.

This expert bitch is real annoying, and looks exactly like the type of bitch who would falsely accuse me of rape.

Bitch, ain’t nobody gonna rape your goofy weird looking ass, and if I did I was drunk and you deserved it.

The Yahoo! article, like all Yahoo! articles, is very derivative. Basically, someone just watched that GMA video and then wrote an article summarizing it.

The number of Americans quitting their jobs has hit record highs over the past several months in a phenomenon economists have been calling the “Great Resignation.” In August, 4.3 million U.S. workers — almost 3 percent of the entire American workforce — voluntarily left their positions, the highest number since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking “quits” in 2020.

Workers are quitting at high rates in every industry, but the trend has been especially pronounced for frontline businesses like restaurants, hotels, retail stores and health care providers.

Oh, so the most people quitting were the people who worked in the precise industries that first mandated the vaccines.

That’s really weird because later in the article, we hear this:

Rather than offering one reason so many Americans are quitting their jobs, experts mostly believe the Great Resignation is the result of a variety of forces coming together. Something not on that list is employer vaccine mandates, which don’t appear to have caused a significant number of people to quit.

“We don’t know why these people are quitting, but we do know that although they are in the industries most likely to force vaccination, and also know that tens of millions of people are refusing to be vaccinated and protesting this agenda, the two things are definitely totally unrelated.”

While explaining possible explanations for this “Great Resignation” that is definitely not related to vax mandates, the article explains that most Americans are doing really well financially, which means that maybe they don’t even need to work anymore.

Others see the Great Resignation as the sign of a major shift in the power dynamic between workers and their employers. Labor Bureau data doesn’t track whether people quitting are finding another position, but record levels of job openings mean prospects for quitters have never been higher. While many have struggled financially during the pandemic, a large share of Americans have actually increased their savings — meaning they have more of a cushion to absorb a job transition. These factors mean workers have greater freedom to leave unsatisfying jobs to pursue something that suits them better.

This is just like, other dimension Twilight Zone stuff here.

This is again what I told you about censorship: the media can now just say whatever the hell they want, and no one can question them.

They are saying that no one really cares about vaccine mandates, and also, everyone is really rich these days anyway.

It’s just totally wrong, but people will read this and say “this must be true – otherwise, why would someone write it on the internet?”