Great Reset Goes El Mondo Resetaro: US Backed Riots in Cuba Now

I’m really shocked to find yet more massive anti-government protests backed by the United States in yet another third world country.


Large anti-government protests broke out in Cuba’s major cities in a rare display of “pro-freedom” sentiment that was immediately cheered on by US officials and denounced as “foreign provocations” by President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

Thousands of protesters marched on Sunday in Havana, Santiago de Cuba and other locales, decrying food, medicine and vaccine shortages, and demanding an end to the island nation’s Communist rule. Numerous videos posted on social media showed crowds marching and chanting such slogans as “We are not afraid”, “Liberty” and “Cuba is not yours!”

While many of the marches seemed mostly peaceful, protesters were reported flipping cars and throwing rocks at police in Havana and elsewhere.

Who could have predicted something like this?

You know what would be really great?

If there was a website where someone looked at the whole global situation, analyzed what was happening and then made accurate predictions about what would happen next.

I’m sure all his readers would agree with him and follow his clear and logical data points on which he based his predictions and not accuse him of being a stupid doom-monger and mentally unstable and tell him the coronavirus would be over by January and if he didn’t change his position and say that he would look really stupid.


Black Lives Matter supporter Kevin McCarthy is all in on looting for capitalism.

I’m sure the Democrats are noting that he truly is a democracy lover, and they will decide not to ever purge him because of that.