Great News: Stevie Ryan Hanged Herself!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 4, 2017

Well this good news couldn’t come at a better time.

What a magnificent birthday present, to be rid of this used-up slut.


Internet star and TV personality Stevie Ryan, best known for YouTube channel and VH1 comedy series Stevie TV, was found dead Saturday at her place of residence in what the L.A. County Coroner’s Office has ruled as a suicide by hanging. She was 33.

Ryan’s big break came with her YouTube series Little Loca and accumulated millions of viewers with her celebrity impressions. She went on to star in her own sketch comedy series Stevie TV and she co-hosted the short-lived Sex with Brody talk show on E! with Brody Jenner and relationship therapist Dr. Mike Dow.

The news of Ryan’s passing comes days after the actress revealed on her Mentally Ch(ill) podcast, which is said to be about depression, that her grandfather had died recently, also taking to social media to lament.

I salute Stevie for doing what needed to be done.

All childless 30+ women want to die, as their lives have no meaning. They are past the age where men give a shit about them, and they are without any purpose in their lives.

This was Stevie’s pinned tweet when she did the deed:

You don’t need to be a psychologist to figure out what women are doing when they refer to their pets as their children.

Her Twitter is still up, in case you want to see into the mind of someone just before they commit suicide (I know some people will find that morbid – personally, I do not give a fuck).

Here’s what the bitch was doing before she lost her fertility:

I hope that more childless women over thirty will begin hanging themselves, so that young women can see that being QUEEN PUSSY all through your twenties has an extremely high pricetag.

If you refuse to snag a man and become monogamous in your teens or early twenties, you have made a Faustian bargain with the natural order.

But of course, no one tells women that when they hit thirty, their magic powers to command men are all gone, and they’re just left with a dried up womb and no one to love them.

And obviously, women are way too fucking stupid to figure that shit out themselves.

So you really can’t hold them responsible.

But a wave of suicides by prominent childless old maids might get the discussion started!

So for all you childless women out there who are already infertile and thus without any purpose to your existence, here’s a quick instructional video!

Get to it!

You are parasites!

Your existence does nothing but drain society!

The Only Solution

For the happiness of women, we must institute forced arranged marriages for girls as soon as they hit puberty.

That is the only solution.