Great Moments In Black History: Kanye West Exposes The “Racist” George W. Bush

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
February 2, 2015

Kanye West – one of the most articulate Black public speakers in America today.

It is my understanding that there are “racist” White people who don’t believe that we should celebrate February as Black history month. These evil “racists” believe there is nothing to celebrate about Black history and say that Blacks haven’t invented anything meaningful other than maybe peanut butter or something.  They believe that Blacks have failed to contribute anything of great substance to the world.  They cite how Blacks in Africa are constantly killing, raping and eating each other.  They also cite how Blacks in America abuse the welfare system, engage in violence against Whites and have proven time and time again that they cannot as a group compete on a level playing field with White folks.  As a result of these observations, these “bigoted” mean spirited White people have gone so far as to call for the elimination of Black history month.

I believe these people are wrong. I believe there is much to celebrate about Black history.

In order to prove my point, we will be celebrating the greatest moments in Black history throughout this month.  I hope this will help convince all of these “racists” that we should celebrate the cultural vibrancy that these monkey looking creatures provide society.

Our first great moment in Black history features the brilliant rap artist Kanye West.  This great musician originally gained fame for rambling nonsensical lyrics over background samples stolen from White music artists. He is also known for his recent marriage to the negro dick craving whore Kim Kardashian.

Back in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and left thousands of Blacks begging for help, West appeared on a special concert event for hurricane relief televised by NBC.  During his appearance with comedian Mike Myers, West delivered an impassioned and articulate speech exposing the evil White President George W. Bush as a “racist” who hated Black people.  Clearly it was Bush’s fault that these Black people were not smart enough to leave the city before the hurricane hit.  West did a fantastic job exposing the fact that these thousands of Blacks who were suffering in New Orleans, were suffering because of evil “racist” White people.

West’s inspirational speech is considered by many to be one of the top 10 greatest speeches delivered by a Black man in all of history.  Watch West’s inspiring speech below.

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