GREAT JOB, GERMANS: New Census Shows 22.5% of the Population of Germany has a “Migrant Background”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2017

New Germans: here to cleanse Germany of the sins of their ancestors against God’s chosen people.

Germany had a big, big task ahead of them: to utterly destroy their own nation, as a self-inflicted punishment for the actions of their ancestors.

You see, 70 years ago, a bunch of Germans who are dead now gassed six million Jews in fake shower rooms and then turned them into lampshades and soap. We know this happened because the Jews said it happened, and if there is one group of people who never lies, it is the Jews.

As revenge on themselves for the actions of their ancestors, modern Germans had to figure out a way to wipe out their own race. Mind you no one is ever responsible for the actions of their ancestors, we are all individuals of course – unless that action was gassing Jews in fake shower rooms, then every future generation is born responsible, for trillions of years.

One sin in the universe carries on through generations.

Well, Germans: you finally crossed the finish line.

Your race is now officially exterminated.


The German populace with a migrant background has hit a new record of 18.6 million people, the Federal Statistical Office has revealed, partially attributing the rise to the years of Angela Merkel’s so-called open door migrant policy.

Noting an 8.5 percent increase in the population with a first or second generation migrant background as compared to last year’s figures, the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) said it is the “highest [annual] increase since recording began in 2005.”

New statistics show that in 2016, roughly 18.6 million people in Germany had a migrant background.

“The exceptional increase was mainly attributable to the high level of immigration of foreigners, including people seeking refuge, in 2015 and 2016,” Destatis said Tuesday.

The federal office noted that 2.3 million people in Germany have their roots in the Middle East. This, according to the latest data, represents an almost 51 percent increase compared to 2011.Besides the Middle East, around 740,000 people in Germany are of African descent, with the figures having increased roughly by 46 percent compared to 2011.

“Turkey is still by far the most important country of origin but has lost relevance since 2011,” the federal agency noted, after polling about 1 percent of the overall German population.

In summing up, the micro census revealed that about 22.5 percent of Germany’s 82.4 million population are first or second generation immigrants where at least one parent was born without German citizenship.

Around 42 percent of Germans with a migration background were born as Germans, while a further 33 percent have migrated to Germany as emigrants while the remaining 25 percent were naturalized.

As long as your women continue to almost never have babies – and when they do, they make sure it’s with a brown person – you’ll be at a majority brown people in 20 years – and that’s without the millions upon millions more “new Germans” Merkel will be bringing in in her next term!

Those breasts are luscious, but Hans needs to remember: they are for Achmed’s hands only. Because of what your ancestors did, Hans. Because of the six million. Those breasts are the property of Allah’s people now. Maybe if you’re a really good little goyim, you can convince Achmed to let you watch. 

These new Germans have some of the highest birthrates on earth!

So feel free to party, Germany.

You did it.

You killed your own race.

You wiped yourselves off the map, on purpose: and you are the first group of people – in fact, the first population of any living thing – in the history of the planet earth to do this entirely on purpose.

At last. At long last. Redemption.

Take a bow.

This is truly something to be proud of.

The challenge now is simply to keep down the bad Germans who don’t want to be exterminated. Just keep them silenced. If they try to speak out and corrupt the minds of good Germans, arrest them. Continually attack them as evil “skin haters” in the entire media, and make other Germans hate them even more than they hate themselves.

Women are especially excited about this great victory, so make sure to keep them in charge of everything.

This is what Germany was always destined to be.