Great Greek Grinds Gears of Greedy Gremlins

Greve Hans
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2016

Remover of Kosher, Christos Pappas

Golden Dawn in Greece commits an absolute Shoah as a wise philosopher calls out the eternal enemy the Jews are to Greece. The unrelenting tidal wave of pure wisdom terrified the eternal as he pathetically crawls away to his keyboard to rail against the brave defender of Hellas.

(((Jerusalem Post))):

Speaking during a debate in parliament on Monday, Christos Pappas, from the Golden Dawn party,  called Israel an “eternal enemy of Greece and Orthodoxy.”

“The state of Israel implements genocidal methods and is a regional troublemaker,” he said, according to the Kathemirini newspaper, asking how “a state like Israel could possibly have relations with Greece, which is the cradle of civilization and humanism.”

Defense Minister Kammenos, a member of  the nationalist Independent Greeks party, called Pappas’ remarks racist and xenophobic and called on the justice ministry to take action against him.

Kammenos has himself in the past been criticized for anti-Semitic comments, after claiming in 2014 that Greek Jews paid fewer taxes than other Greeks, but since taking up the position as defense minister has overseen increasingly warm ties with Israel.

The most striking example of the eternal being a true enemy of the Greek people can be found in the holiday of Hanukkah, where they celebrate rebelling against the gentle reign of the Seleucid Greeks, one of the successors of Alexander’s great empire.

Jewish envy of Aryan success knows no bounds.

Notice how this disgusting shill that betrayed his fellow Greek once upon a time started to realize the problem the Jew poses to civilization. Before he decided he would instead whore himself out to ZOG.

He probably pays lower taxes as well now while his countrymen struggle to find food for the day.


Disgusting fat traitor Kammenos


His ancestor

This however is a clear example that the Jew fears us because they know we are bound to get the power and shut their dirty lying Jewish mouths.

Hero Christos Pappas tears up treasonous edict meant to let the invaders pass

Israel is a nation founded on stealing clay with the shekel. A nation like that is an abomination. Land is sacred, the Shekel is profane.