Great Excitement Over Cosmetic Redesign of iPhone

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 29, 2018

I remember caring about iPhone redesigns.

Now, it is fantastical to me that anyone does.

I am only bothering to bring this to your attention to point out how mundane it is.


Leaks directly from Apple show the company has some radical plans to reinvent the iPhone, but now new information tells us exactly how…

Thanks to a new leak from Ice Universe, a Samsung-specialist who nevertheless has a very solid Apple track record, we learn the iPhone is going to be heavily redesigned. But probably not how you imagined.

Ice Universe states Apple will remove the notch from its iPhones, but the plan is not to replace it with a full screen. Instead, Apple will use the same polarising ‘punch hole’ design Samsung has recently launched on its midrange Galaxy A8s and will expand to its upcoming 10th-anniversary Galaxy S10.

The punch hole certainly gives users more screen space, but the asymmetrical nature of it deviates from Apple’s typical approach. That said, Apple’s biggest display provider is Samsung and we know its Under Panel Sensors (essential for creating truly bezel-less phones) are not ready yet.

None of this increases functionality.

We are literally talking about the difference between this:


And this:

Are any of those changes worth $1500 to you?

Because there aren’t any other changes. There are no changes in functionality.

In fact, the removal of the button in the jump from 8 to X, which removed the thumbprint activation, removed functionality. Furthermore, the X and XS both have lower battery life than the 8.

Cellphone development was extremely interesting to me for about 15 years. It now appears to be some kind of sick joke, because there just isn’t any room for any kind of actual improvement, so we are instead talking about the placement of the camera being worth $1500.

Of course, Apple’s apparent plan is the use of planned obsolescence to slow down your phone by forcing updates that package necessary security updates with unnecessary updates that won’t run properly on older phones and purposefully use up battery power.

They are already being investigated in Europe for this practice, and I would like to see them investigated in America for this practice as well. At the very least, they should be forced to publicly admit that they are planning to purposefully make your phone unusable after a period of time.

A girlfriend had an iPhone 6 that the battery stopped holding a charge on, and when it was released that they were purposefully draining the batteries with unnecessary updates, and they offered discounted new batteries for older phones, we got one of those. And the battery life didn’t increase, at all, because it was the software that was purposefully draining it.

This is some ultra-shady shit, man. Honestly, it’s outright villainous.

And it is coming from Tim Cook, a paragon of morality due to his anal activities (homosexuals are naturally morally superior) and his agenda to shut down anyone who questions the government and the Jews.

Meanwhile, Huawei is charging half for virtually all of the exact same features.

(Note that despite the lower harddrive size, the Huawei comes with a slot for a 256gb nano memory card while the Apple has no memory card slot at all.)

They even already have a version out with the small camera hole thing that Apple isn’t set to employ until 2020.

Huawei is already selling more cellphones than Apple.

Apple is imploding as a company due to the fact that they insisted on having a vibrant CEO. They picked the most competent form of vibrant in a white male homosexual, but they apparently couldn’t find a good one of those.

China is going to beat out the West simply on the fact that it allows meritocracy in its businesses.

This new Western policy of applying affirmative action principles to the highest levels of business is going to destroy every competitive angle we might have once had.

It’s sad.