Greasy Sluts at the Beach Lash Out Against Righteous Man Who Called Their Bikinis “Pornographic”

A man in Colorado approached some women at a beach and informed them that their bikinis were inappropriate for the family setting of the beach. The women became unhinged and lashed out.

You should watch these videos, and understand that this is how women actually think and behave.

They posted these videos themselves, and they’re proud of their behavior.

@ggarbagefairyPart 1###harrassement ##feminism #fuckmen♬ original sound – Mia

@ggarbagefairyPart 2♬ original sound – Mia

Listen to their howls!

The profanity!

We are supposed to believe that these creatures are on the same level as men???

After those videos got some views, these grimy whores then did a followup video, attacking the man who called them on their evil harlotry.

@ggarbagefairy@loganvandorn sir this is not the way to “spread the word”. Spread love instead. Get well soon. ##harrassement ##feminism ##beaches♬ original sound – Mia

These greasy, filthy, fat whores keep saying “please just leave us alone” – but it is them that are the harassers! They go to the beach and get nearly naked in order to create a disruption! They want to make themselves the center of attention!

Then they attack a man who calls them out on it, and claim that they’re being harassed???

Listen: men do not “sexually harass” women. That is a myth and a hoax.

All sexual harassment goes the other direction: women use their bodies as a weapon against men.

The last decades of this sickening satanic Western system have been about institutionalizing the right of women to use their bodies to manipulate and exploit men.

Women are a disease and a cancer on society, and they must be beaten up and gang-raped.

The Taliban is right about women.

We cannot continue to have this in our society.

When the new civilization rises from the ashes of this vax system, women are going to be treated like they deserve to be treated. They will be covered, and they will be forced to submit.

That is something that should frankly make you excited for the coming end of this system.

In the new order, we are going to make new rules.

Watch those videos of those howling sluts, then imagine such sluts getting their teeth knocked out in a ruthless gang-rape. This will bring you comfort and joy in your time of darkness.