Greasy Conservakikes Attempt to Ambush Sultana Ilhan, Berate Her Advisor on Desire to Crush Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2020

It is simply self-explanatory why someone would want to crush the Jews. They are an evil virus, which rots out all of us from the inside. Every creature on earth has a moral duty to crush the Jews.

And yet, “true conservatives” – or as I like to call them, “kikesuckers” – wish to conserve Jewish entitlement and destruction!


Washington Free Beacon:

As Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) introduced what she is calling a “progressive vision” for foreign policy, her foreign policy adviser demurred on a cornerstone of that vision: the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign to economically isolate Israel.

At a briefing on Wednesday about the plan, which Omar is dubbing a “Pathway to Peace,” Omar aide Ryan Morgan declined to explain why the congresswoman¬†opposes¬†economic sanctions but supports BDS.

Omar left the event after offering brief remarks, leaving Morgan to participate in the panel discussion that followed in her stead.

“You’re asking me if I want to take the BDS question?” said Morgan. “No.”

Why should he answer Jewish questions?

We’ve had enough of your questions, JEWS!

NEVER AGAIN will we answer your weaselish inquiries!

By the way, the conservakikes are presently claiming that Sultana Ilhan was cheating on her husband.

This is AFTER they ALL went ALL IN on the theory that her husband was actually her brother, who she fake-married so he could get a green card.

If it’s a fake marriage, it isn’t really cheating, is it, kikesuckers?

When the kikesucker thinks of an answer, his only thought is “what would Jews want me to say???”

She has had her entire life torn open because she is willing to name the enemy of Somalia AND America: JEWS.

My only issue with Ilhan’s relationship is that her lover is UGLY and JEWISH LOOKING.


You’re too good for such an out of shape Jewlike nerd, my queen.

I’ve told Ilhan to hit me up.

If we have a child, he will have the rapier wit of a Nazi and the brutal savagery of a ruthless Somalian pirate. He would be the ultimate Jew-killing machine, and a deadly Nazi-Somalian hybrid may in fact be the last and final hope to save the world from this destructive menace once and for all.