Grateful Honduran Migrants Burn American Flag in Traditional Thanksgiving Ceremony

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 23, 2018


This is what gratitude looks like.

I guess the Associated Press printed this for the same reason they called the caravan “an army.” Probably some new Alt-Right infiltrator’s memo about “reporting reality” that needs to quickly be canceled.

Sometimes, a picture says a thousand words.

These people hate the United States and they hate White people.

They know that they are biological weapons and they intend to inflict themselves on White Americans.

This is a hostile army. They’re marching with flags in columns.

And they’re burning the flag of their enemy… this is so incredibly obvious to anyone who isn’t brain-damaged to the point where they no longer have a working threat detection mechanism.

Also, (I can’t resist) it looks like the MacDonald’s M in the center. LOL.

It’s time to man the Wall.

Well, build it first, then man it.

It’s time to use some of those defense dollars on something actually related to protecting America’s interests and the average American.

Every single one of those people from the last caravan that got across the border are still taking up space in the US.

These caravans are going to keep coming until we take a stand and say “fuck off, we’re full!”

Right before the midterms too.

If the Republicans were interested in winning, they would plaster this picture everywhere.

I hope they’re serious about winning.