Granny Will be Charged for “Kidnapping” Granddaughter from Hospital with a Gun

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2020

This is a situation where I would just automatically assume the grandmother was in the right.

I would guess, and pretty much certainly end up being correct, that the millennial mother of the girl is divorced from (or was never married to) the girl’s father, and the mother’s boyfriend is abusive to the girl. The grandmother demanded that the mother give her the child, and the mother said no. So she tried to rush the hospital and steal the child.

NBC News:

The suspect, Evelyn Miller, 66, was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping by local law enforcement about 5 p.m. at a hotel in Bogalusa, about 70 miles north of New Orleans, said Sheriff Joseph Lopinto of Jefferson Parish.

The girl was found “during the arrest,” the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

The alleged kidnapping was reported about early Friday evening at a medical facility in Jefferson Parish, the office said in an earlier statement.

“Evelyn Miller entered Adreana’s hospital room to remove her from the hospital,” the statement said. “When hospital staff attempted to prevent her from leaving with the child, she pointed a firearm at several of them. In making her escape from the location, she pushed one nurse to the ground and struck a security guard with her vehicle.”

No injuries were reported. Authorities didn’t reveal why the girl was at the facility.

Miller, 66, was armed with a revolver, authorities said. The 2019 Toyota Sienna minivan she was driving was recovered earlier, Louisiana State Police said.

The girl was the subject of a statewide “child endangerment alert,” authorities said.

Apparently, she had a plan to flee to Mexico with the girl.

ABC News:

Police obtained a warrant for the arrest of Evelyn Miller after the incident for charges of simple kidnapping, five counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, two counts of simple battery, and violation of a firearm-free zone.

Miller and her granddaughter were located approximately 24 hours later at a hotel in Bogalusa, Louisiana, about 70 miles north of the New Orleans hospital she was taken from.

All of this can be blamed on feminism.

It is feminism that allowed for the bad home life that the girl had, and which the grandmother was trying to save her from. And it is feminism that will allow for this grandmother to be thrown in prison for doing what was the right moral thing to do, though guided by dumb woman emotions.

Before feminism, if a woman did something crazy like drive a minivan into a hospital and steal her grandchild with a gun, she wouldn’t really be held responsible in the same way that a man would be, particularly if it turned out that she was in the right, morally. Because it was always understood that women do not have the same faculties of reason and logic that men have, and thus will act out dumbly.

But with feminism, women are equal, so this granny will be sent to prison like a man.