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December 27, 2016

Ho ho ho and Merry Christmas! Jolly Saint Shade is here for the special Christmas edition of Thoughts of the Day! There’s no holiday from stopping these kikes and apparently there’s no holiday for the Hajis either, when it comes to the jihad. GPL kicks the show off by discussing the latest happenings in the world of vibrant terrorism. We had the Russian Ambassador assassinated in Turkey as well as the truck running over jihad in Germany.

First up, Grandpa touches once again on the utter stupidity of the African President Obama making threats against the Russians over this stupid election hacking hoax. Here we had Obama making all these threats of retaliation and then boom, the Russian Ambassador gets killed. Even if the U.S. ZOG did not have anything to do with it, the damage is done because that is exactly what this looks like. It’s a simple matter of putting two and two together. The big terrorism news this week however was the running over of Christmas shoppers in Germany. Once again we see the results of all this vibrancy and GPL is reminded of how we were promised that it was going to be so great for our economies when they brought these people in. We were all told it was going to actually make our countries better. At what point is enough enough? The fact that Merkel isn’t currently fleeing the country in disgrace leaves Grandpa dumbfounded. How is it that this woman is not only still in power, but is actually running for another term? Where is the “enough is enough” line exactly? And this question isn’t just for Germany but indeed for all of our White countries because we’re all headed down the same trajectory.

What has been the action of the governments of the West in response to this terrorism? Predictably is is to crack down on people complaining about it on the internet and to work to outlaw any Nationalist groups that might actually be taking action to stop it. No, they can’t stop the rapists, they can’t stop the terrorism but they sure can devote a special task force to hunt people down for committing the racist crime of noticing it and speaking out about it. Grandpa takes a moment here to address the differences between what Europeans are doing and what Americans are doing or not doing as the case may be. Americans tend to have the attitude that since we are still armed then we are better off than these Europeans. yet what are we actually doing? Just going out and buying a firearm accomplishes nothing. For all practical purposes, Europeans like the Nordic Resistance Movement are doing far more to stop what is happening than the armed Americans are. The point is, that the time for waiting around is over and the time to act is now. If we are going to stop this, then now is the time.

Grandpa explains for us that what we are witnessing is the end game of the Jews’ plan to destroy us. At a mere 2% of the population they cannot personally destroy us but since they have control of the levers of power, they can simply open the flood gates to infinity Blacks from Africa or Hajis from the Middle East and then sit back and watch us be swept under by the flood. Grandpa Lampshade also shares a warning with us, that we need to be on guard that we don’t get played by these Jews. Across the board, hatred of the stinking Moslems is rising so we have to stay focused on what it is we want: we want them out of our countries. The Jews will try and use this rising Moslem hatred to manipulate us into fighting another stupid war for them so that they don’t have to. It is not our job to play the exterminator of rats for the benefit of a different breed of rat. We want these people out of our countries and we know the Jews are the facilitators of bringing them here in the first place.

The listener’s questions and comments section comes to us this week with some really good subject material. First up is a topic via Daily Stormer from Mr. Turner who observes that we as Whites carry all the burdens of society. Society continues and functions on our efforts and on our labor, yet the burden is ever increasing due to the increasing numbers of these brown hordes. This is an excellent topic and GPL takes the time to expand on this fact and what it means for us as a society both now and moving forward.

Our final listener’s question also comes via the Daily Stormer and is virtually guaranteed to rustle many jimmies. Why is that? Because it is a Christian related question and these always get everyone worked up. Since it is at the end of the show, those of you who don’t want to stay tuned for that can go ahead and tune out here. You have been warned so don’t come sperging to Grandpa because you don’t like or disagree with his take on this or with him addressing this topic. Megajoel is coming back into Christianity and is working to promote our cause and wake people up via his men’s group in the church he has joined. However in his dealings with these folks, he has run into a common stumbling block: the topic of the Jews being God’s chosen people. This can be a tough one for people to get past in being a Christian and embracing the wokeness of anti-semitism. The Jews take advantage of this to cuck out Christians to be their slaves when in actuality on the physical and the spiritual level, the Jews are the enemy. Grandpa will break this down and give you the truth as he sees it and cause the sound of millions of jimmies being rustled and then suddenly silenced, like the Death Star of topics.

Thoughts of the Day may be many things but boring it is not. You never know what will be covered or what topic will be discussed and there is only one way to find out: tune in to Grandpa Lampshade’s Thoughts of the Day.

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