Grandpa Joe has a Senior Mic Check Moment

Joe Biden had a serious senior moment over the weekend at the G20.

This clip is one of the funniest of the entire trip thus far.

On Sunday, he also did the “I’m instructed to take pre-approved questions” bit.

That is now no longer a gaffe. He was saying it so much, and being so obvious with checking his notes to see the reporter he’s supposed to call on, the people who plan these things decided to just say “this is what we’re doing now, he only takes pre-approved questions.”

It is truly unfathomable that people are willing to pretend they are taking this seriously. This poll collapse shows in part that a lot of people are done taking it seriously.

In the first clip I’ve seen of Chuck Todd in over a year, he addressed the polls on Sunday.

He said: “the overarching message: Americans have lost their confidence in Joe Biden and their optimism for the country.”

Biden went this morning from Rome to Glasgow, where he is going to demand that Americans, along with the rest of the world, drastically reduce their quality of life in order to fight the invisible fake catastrophe of global warming.

He brought his 85-car motorcade.

He’s asking them to reduce their lives after causing a national supply chain crisis, and forcing them to take a deadly vaccine that his own government says doesn’t really do anything.

The entire world is blaming Biden and the US as a whole for this forced vaccination agenda.

This is my message: the only reason they would be allowing this situation to get this bad in terms of public opinion is if they had a plan to nullify public opinion.

Presumably, the Australian system is coming to America.

Link: This is what the Australian system looks like.