Grand Theft Negro: Afghani Harassers of A$AP Rocky are Both Criminals, Sweden Says They’re Pure, Innocent

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2019

“Hi I’m Bjorn and this is Sverige! You better not touch our sweet little Afghani babies when they harass you on the streets! They’re precious sweet boys! We will lock you in jail, nigger! Our Afghani street babies are our sweetest treasure, because we love the way they fuck our blonde women.”

Sweden is stealing our blacks. This is because they are so protective of their disgusting Islamic terrorists who roam the streets harassing people. Every Bjorn in Sweden thinks he is every Afghani dancing boy’s father, and he loves the way they rape Swedish women and steal from him. He will do anything to protect them, including grand theft negro.

It turns out that the alleged innocent child babies that were harassing A$AP Rocky, one of our many stolen blacks, both have very serious criminal records. But in Sweden, if you’re a sweet Afghani baby, you’re allowed to commit any crimes you want and be on the loose to harass our blacks.

A$AP has been charged by these Swedish shitbags for defending himself against these disgusting mud-world fiends, even though he literally didn’t do nothing.


One of the men testifying against A$AP Rocky in Sweden — a witness to the street brawl — has his own serious legal trouble, but, mysteriously, his case seems to now be on the back burner.

As we previously reported, A$AP’s alleged victim, Mustafa Jafari — the guy in the video who got tossed like a rag doll — was convicted of assault in 2016 for striking a guy in the face on the streets of Stockholm.

Now, we’ve learned Jafari’s buddy, Dawod Hosseini — who’s set to take the stand in support of Jafari — was just arrested this month for theft. In fact, Hosseini was busted 2 weeks AFTER A$AP was hauled into custody.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Hosseini was arrested July 19 for shoplifting two high-priced jackets from a Swedish clothing store. The docs also say cops found a knife on him during the arrest.

Hosseini’s remained in custody ever since then, but he’s scheduled to testify in Rocky’s 3-day trial, which begins Tuesday. Sources familiar tell us Hosseini’s own trial has been delayed just so he can weigh-in on A$AP’s case, as a witness for the prosecution.

Ya gotta think both men — Hosseini and Jafari — will be vulnerable, to say the least, if the judge permits A$AP’s attorneys to raise their records during cross examination. Remember, there’s already the video showing Jafari using headphones to strike one of A$AP’s bodyguards before the all-out brawl started.

So both of these “sweet and precious Afghani babies,” as Bjorn calls them, are hardened street criminals. And they are on video refusing to stop following a posse of our blacks.

Yes, they got jumped, but what did they think was going to happen? Apparently, they think that nothing ever happens, that there are never any consequences for any action ever, because they are under the protective wing of Bjorn, who needs them to rape his blonde women.

“My name is Bjorn, and you can do whatever you want to me. You can rob me and rape my women, I don’t care because I am strong and a feminist. I will do nothing against you if you rape my wife and daughter. However, don’t you dare touch my sweet and precious Afghani street boys. If you do, I will totally destroy your life.” 

Sweden truly is amazing.

They are acting like A$AP Rocky is the root of the crime threat in their country. All of these Afghani boys go free for rape and theft, but our black people face the maximum penalty for assault, even though it was committed under extremely mitigating circumstances.

I think this A$AP Rocky situation is a good opportunity for nations to ally against Sweden and bomb them into submission. Pretty soon, Sweden is going to be a fully Islamic country, and they are going to be causing all kinds of problems, so it would be very wise of us to take them out now.