Grand Jury Refuses to Charge Evil Cop Who Murdered Good Boy Dreasjon Reed

Another cop is being let off for murdering a black man because he hated the color of his skin.

This is why we need Joe Biden: he will defund the police, because the police are the enemy of innocent black gang members.

USA Today:

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officer who fatally shot 21-year-old Dreasjon Reed won’t face criminal charges, a grand jury announced Tuesday night.

IMPD officer Dejoure Mercer shot Reed during a foot pursuit May 6, sparking a string of protests and demands that Mercer face consequences.

Special Prosecutor Rosemary Khoury, who was appointed to oversee the criminal investigation, said the grand jury determined there wasn’t enough probable cause to charge the officer.

“This has not been an easy task and it’s been a very heavy burden,” Khoury said.

Later, Khoury said through tears that she is the mother of two Black boys.

“I am also very empathetic toward Officer Mercer. I know that had to be a difficult position to be in,” she said. “No one wins.”

Khoury stressed Indiana law prohibited her from discussing what evidence was presented to the grand jury. A separate but coordinated news conference was held shortly after Khoury’s announcement during which Indiana State Police investigators laid out, in detail, what they say happened during the final 16 minutes of Reed’s life.

The ISP investigation concluded that Reed was armed, that he fired two shots after he had been tased by Mercer and that he was then shot multiple times by Mercer, including while they were facing each other.

The ISP also said evidence in Reed’s phone indicated his involvement in two previous drive-by shootings — no one was injured — and that cartridges collected by IMPD in those shootings matched the gun that was in Reed’s possession when he was shot.

The really crazy thing is that Dreasjon was a good boy who didn’t do nothing.

Racists are spreading this video of him driving around randomly shooting at houses with a gun.

What teenager doesn’t like to blow off a little steam?

White teenagers drive around randomly shooting bullets out of cars all the time, and cops don’t murder them.

Should you really be murdered simply for shooting a gun randomly out of the window of a car?

It’s time to defund the police.

It is a proposal that makes total and absolute sense. The only people who are against defunding the police are privileged whites who don’t want to be murdered by black gang members.

The neo-Nazi and white supremacist leader Tucker Carlson, for example, believes that police should exist.

The fact is, whites have spent centuries not being murdered by blacks. The time has come for whites to die at the hand of blacks. That’s what democracy is all about. It’s who we are.

When you and members of your family are murdered by cops, that might be personally painful.

But as true conservative and American values master Nimrata Randhawa (real American name) said: this should be painful for you.

You deserve to suffer.

Kamala Harris is going to make sure that you do suffer.