Goyim Upset That Roe Jogan is a Jewish Shill

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2019

Joe Rogan was a popular podcast host and friend of “The Big Guy” Alex Jones. This is until the host of the Joe Rogan Experience was replaced with a certain Roe Jogan sometime in 2015.

Roe Jogan is a Jewish shill.

This week, Jogan interviewed NYT Jew Bari Weiss and agreed with her that basically all of the goyim are anti-Semites and they need to be shut down and have their guns taken from them. Our lad Roy did a full write-up of this event earlier today, so I won’t repeat what has already been said.

However, I did want to draw specific attention to the fact that the goyim do not take kindly to being shilled at.

Here are the top 50 or so comments, in order from the top, as screenshotted at 9:18 AM EST (just skim it, I’m preserving it for posterity):

That is a whole lot of hate.

And a whole lot of goyim knowing.

Basically, what appears to have happened is that Jews went and looked at the alternative media and decided who could be convinced to switch sides, salvaged and used for their purposes, and who needed to be shut down.

Needless to say, myself and Alex Jones fell on the side of “shut it down.”

Joe Rogan was simply replaced with Roe Jogan, and his show became a hotspot for Jewish shilling, mixed in with inane drama content.

Although Rogan’s inane drama content was always popular, the reasons people liked the show (beyond his interesting interview skills, which are indeed effective even if by accident) were thus:

  • He talked to anyone about anything, including left and right
  • He typically did not take a strong position on anything
  • He basically came across as an honest liberal willing to be honest about whatever
  • He had MMA content
  • He interviewed conspiracy theorists that don’t really get time elsewhere and took them seriously

Some of that remains now in this new Roe Jogan format, but you have had a subtle, creeping Jewishness for several years.

The Bari Weiss interview was basically the announcement of “okay, now we’re hitting the gas and going full-Jew.”

No Internet for Old Jews

It’s been hard-going for the Jews on the internet, because the amount of freedom that it allows inevitably leads to people not choosing the product that Jews prefer they consume (other than porn, and they still have to shill porn sites to try to get you to watch black-on-blonde porn).

The Jews understand that the old media that they took over decades ago will not last forever.

Only 27% of the 18-29 age segment get their news from the television, compared to 85% of 65+. That’s why CNN is so obviously aimed at kooky boomer cat ladies – they know those are the only people watching it.

Yes, they are still able to dominate internet news by shoving the online versions of old media onto all the major platforms – Apple News, Google News, Yahoo News, etc. – but that grip is tenuous, and still runs older. Their attempts to push Jewish versions of “new media” have largely failed, and none of the various websites they created – Daily Beast, Slate, Salon, Buzzfeed, Gizmodo, Vox, etc. – are doing all that well.

They have totally and completely failed to enter into the “infotainment” audio-video YouTube-podcast scene, which has a huge audience.

Basically, the problem with Jewish “infotainment” is that it is excruciating and not entertaining at all. It is always some kind of lecture. Based on the talking points and ideology itself, there is no way to come across as anything other than a ninnying old maid school teacher.

Take The Young Turks for example. This is the single most popular leftist audio-video platform, and you cannot watch it without feeling like you’re being personally bullied by the hosts who are making all sorts of morality demands of you. The only people who can stand to watch it are people who are already totally on-board with the program, and even they must get tired, as the program is constantly updating and requiring them to take new moral positions and feel bad about their previous ones. Even people in their late teens are being forced to change their position and shame themselves on the tranny issue, for example.

(There is also the issue that TYT and other non-Jewish left media is going to take a hard-left position on Israel, which the Jews obviously do not take kindly to. TYT is in fact defending Tulsi Gabbard against the Jew assault.)

The Joe Rogan Show, with host Roe Jogan, is one of the most popular broadcasts in the world. It outranks any cable news show.

So taking over that show and making it full-Jew is a big accomplishment for the Jews. He has a long-standing popularity, which they thought they could use to trick the goyim into supporting their kike agenda.

I can only imagine the meeting they had:

Top Jew: Okay, our man Jogan has agreed to let us bring a Jew on and shill our complete agenda totally. We need to find an attractive Jewess to dazzle the goyim.

Jew #1: Scarlett Johansson

Jew #2: Scarlett Johansson

Jew #3: Scarlett Johansson

Top Jew: No, no. I has to be a journalist!

Jew #1: Oy vey!

Jew #2: Oy vey!

Jew #3: Oy gevalt!

They certainly couldn’t trust a leftist shiksa to go out there and not say “FREE PALESTINE!!!!!1111”

(The pro-Israel part was actually the most shocking part of the show, despite all of the focus on the Covington Catholics.)

So they just decided to go with the youngest Jewess they could find to repeat the talking points.

This was their big break to sell the Jew agenda to goyim who “think outside the box.”

The problem is the response to the Jewish agenda is always going to be the same. As you can see from the comments above.

There is simply no way to package the Jewish agenda in a way that you can convince people prone to free-thinking that the Jew agenda is correct. The only thing you can do is continue to ram it down the throats of people who are biologically inclined to believe everything they’re told.

They should have been more sly with using The Joe Rogan Show to push their agenda. They should have just slowly slipped in progressively more Jewish ideas. Going full-Jew was a bad move, and it’s burned their man Roe.

This bitch rambling on about her Jewish identity and how every other form of identity is anti-Semitic, then saying you have to take the freedoms from the goyim, and having Roe not just sit there and nod but actively and enthusiastically agree with her will never be forgotten by anyone on the internet.