Goycott: Business Works with Communists to Fire Tony Hovater – FIGHT BACK!

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 29, 2017

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Communists and Jews were enraged by the New York Times’ profile of nationalist Tony Hovater. These people are such petty assholes that they were chastising journalist Richard Fausset for  talking to Tony about his ideas and lifestyle rather than menacing his father or making fun of his eyebrows.

Though they might seem like childish losers, these Jews and Jew lackeys run our country. They use the media not to inform, but to intimidate and make examples of political dissidents. Now the elites have begun their campaign to destroy a simple working class family in the heartland.

Tony Hovater, his wife and his brother-in-law (!) were all fired from their place of employment, 571 Grill & Draft House in New Carlysle, Ohio.

This was a purely political act done by the bosses at the behest of a communist activist named Corey Andon from the Trotskyite organization “Socialist Alternative.”

Tony is a supporter of the Traditionalist Worker Party, which is an FEC registered political party. The employer fired him for his beliefs, which were clearly not a problem until a group of local communists saw him in the New York Times. This may be grounds for a civil lawsuit, but I’ll leave that up to the lawyers.

Whether legal action is possible or not, this termination comes at a bad time for Tony and his family. He just got married, he was already barely scraping by, and now he’s about to be made homeless after just moving into his new place with his wife.

Now it’s time we send in the cavalry.

The staff at Goy Fund Me is hosting a fundraiser for the Hovaters to help mitigate the effects of random employment termination.

The Hovaters were only asking for $1,000 dollars, enough to survive another month. Instead, they were met with a powerful gesture of nationalist love and solidarity, their fund has surpassed the original appeal by more than fourfold!

But that’s not enough. Let’s show these malevolent Jews and reds that every strike they land on us only makes us stronger. Let’s pass the hat around again and again until they we hear audible, pained, constipated groans of ‘OY VEY!’

Lastly, 571 Grill & Draft House must be held responsible for throwing a family out on the street just because Tony Hovater told the New York Times the Holocaust is exaggerated (he’s wrong, it actually never happened).

What do you think of 571 Grill’s service now that they’re short staffed (Tony and his family members were their hardest working and most reliable employees)?

Have you ever seen rats or roaches walking around or in your food?

Have you ever been abused by the management or the violent communists they closely associate with for your looks or because you wore a MAGA hat?

571 Grill & Draft House is trying to make a whole family homeless because the local communist party asked them to. What do people in middle America think of that?

If you’re an unhappy customer, or don’t like their practices, they want to hear from you!

Here is their phone number:

+1 (937) 845-0089

Politely and intelligently (without any threats) let them know there is a business cost to factor in when you collude with communists to destroy freedom of speech. It doesn’t matter what the laws say, you have no right to fire someone because they support a political party you don’t agree with.

Donald Trump won Clark County (where New Carlisle is located) with 57% of the vote, it’s clear people in the region care about free speech and hate PC. Nobody wants 5 Trotskyite hall monitors to be in charge of who gets a ration card.

Goycott engaged.