#Goycott: Anti-White Wolfenstein II Still Selling Terribly, Heading to Bargain Bin

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 20, 2017

Wolfenstein II and especially its ad campaign is a direct call to violence against real world political dissidents.

The bugman reviewers in corporate video game press appraising this piece of shit see it that way.

The Jew behind the publisher and developer (Robert Altman) intends it that way.

And the little people (that’s us, the Goyim) saw it that way.

Despite having one of the most legendary game licenses money can buy, a big ticket ad campaign (this game was everywhere), and lots of fawning free publicity from tech and mainstream media, Wolfenstein II’s Jewish sadomasochism fantasy simply went too far.

There aren’t enough Jews or Tumblr leftists to make content like this profitable. Black and brown minorities, who do love video games, prefer to play racing games or Mario over wannabe-sophisticated CGI movies with shooting intervals.

In its debut month, NPD ranked Wolfenstein II at a pathetic 14, behind Grand Theft Auto 5 and even behind a less promoted Bethesda game called Evil Within 2 (which also debuted very low). The games demographic is naturally the white males it seeks to guilt and humiliate, and it looks like they’re rejecting it.

According to the game’s apologists, Wolfenstein II has poor recorded sales because it isn’t reporting digital copies sold. Well, I just checked Steam, and it’s not even in the top 25 sellers.

On Steam’s Wolfenstein II review page, the audience is far more split than the “official critics.” The “experts” averaged out at 88%, while the regular players gave the game an average of 6.0!

That’s a significant enough gap to show that:

  1. The critics are lying,
  2. The critics are pushing this game for ideological reasons, or
  3. Money is changing hands.

Now they’re apparently anticipating the naysayers and cutting the price by more than half for Black Friday hoping to garner higher sales. It’s not even a month old and is already taking the steepest cut of all the new releases.


Both Wolfenstein II and The Evil Within 2 are taking their part in holiday sales next week, with a number of retailers offering both games for anywhere between $25-$30, well below their usual asking price. That means a lot of interested fans will pick them up and boost Bethesda’s sales numbers for both games – so there probably isn’t too much cause for concern just yet. However, December’s sales numbers, when they come up in January, could tell a different story.

Make your money talk, don’t even give them $25 for this stupid game.

#Goycott still engaged.