Government Release Alien Hoax Documents

Previously: They’re Going to Shill Fake Aliens at You

The aliens report has been released.

And it only contains more questions.

Except that I don’t have any questions, because I know this whole thing is a big hoax.


The newly released US intelligence community report on unexplained aerial phenomena (UAP) offers more questions than answers. It doesn’t mention aliens, says UAP might be a national security threat – and asks for more funding.

Released on Friday afternoon by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the entire unclassified report clocks in at only nine pages, including two pages of appendices with definitions of terms.

The dataset it is based on relies on US government reports of incidents between November 2004 and March 2021. However, no standardized reporting mechanism existed until the US Navy set one up in 2019, and the Air Force adopted it the following year.

“We were able to identify one reported UAP with high confidence. In that case, we identified the object as a large, deflating balloon. The others remain unexplained.”

The report mentions 144 reports, of which 80 “involved observation with multiple sensors.” While some UAP “may be attributable to sensor anomalies,” most “probably do represent physical objects” given they were “registered across multiple sensors, to include radar, infrared, electro-optical, weapon seekers, and visual observation.”

Tucker Carlson opened Friday’s show with this story, and an interview with that CIA guy who shills this bullshit.

Tucker actually said this is “extraterrestrial.” I felt really embarrassed. Tucker is a good guy, but he is just always, sadly, at least two steps behind on this stuff.

Here’s the deal: all of these videos come from the government.

Nearly every single person on earth has a camera in their pocket at all times in current year. And yet we do not see people recording these supposed UFOs. We only see the government recording them.

Then the government comes out and tells you about these videos they recorded, and you’re supposed to say “why is the government hiding this from us???”?

It’s absurd.

There are no aliens.

There is apparently an agenda to shill fake aliens at people.

Everything these days is a hoax. The entire world is based on hoaxes. The Holocaust hoax is the moral foundation of our society, while the global warming hoax and the coronavirus hoax are offering the structural framework.

There is a decent chance they are going to go on TV and claim that aliens have contacted the United Nations and told them to give people more vaccines and teach critical race theory to transsexual infants.

By the way: did you know Computing Forever is hardcore now?

He’s full on.

I advise people to watch this video he did on the weather hoax.

I remember when this guy was a normie. It seems like just a few years ago.

I remember when the internet was magic, and it changed people. Now, very, very bad people have changed the internet.

You can follow him on Bitchute for now. But Bitchute is most likely going down. I hate to tell you that, but they won’t move out of the UK, and it is simply unsustainable to run a free speech website from the UK.

The only place you are going to have freedom of speech is China. Period. China is the last frontier of humanoid civilization.

But yeah – there aren’t any aliens. This is stupid. You can’t travel through space, it’s too far. It would take thousands of years to travel through space. You could potentially do that if you wanted to colonize another planet. You would have to send frozen embryos and then have robots birth them in artificial wombs. It is possible and I basically think it should be done at some point, actually. But there are no “visiting aliens” coming here, and I don’t think aliens even exist at all.

In fact, I’m just going to go all the way: all physical matter, including the infinity of space, is a projection of the collective human consciousness. Spirit preceded matter, and it is our consciousness that is holding reality together.

Our consciousness. That of human beings.

We are the only intelligent life in this universe because it is our consciousness that created this universe.

We have turned it into a Hell because we rejected Christ.

It could just as easily be a paradise.

The demon-worshiping Romans killed our Saints and fed our people to lions as the pigs cheered, and we took Rome with the power of faith.

We can do that again. It’s not really even difficult. You just have to want it and then do it.

When it’s over, and every knee bows, there is going to have to be a permanent solution to this thing with the Jews.