Government Media Official Lists RT with ISIS on List of Dangerous Media Threats

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 24, 2015

Obama shocked the world when he admitted he had no strategy for dealing with Abby Martin's legs.
Obama shocked the world when he admitted he had no strategy for dealing with Abby Martin’s legs.

Rather hilariously, the newly appointed Head of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), Andrew Lack, has come out and listed RT with ISIS and Boko Haram as major media threats.

New York Times:

“We are facing a number of challenges from entities like Russia Today which is out there pushing a point of view, the Islamic State in the Middle East and groups like Boko Haram,” he said. “But I firmly believe that this agency has a role to play in facing those challenges.”

RT has written about their outrage.

RT never expected to find itself on a list with the two most dangerous terrorist groups of the day and is seeking clarification on the comment.

“We are extremely outraged that the new head of the BBG mentions RT in the same breath as world’s number one terrorist army,” said Margarita Simonyan, RT’s editor-in-chief. “We see this as an international scandal and demand an explanation.”

Apart from BBG itself, RT is also seeking clarification from the US State Department and the US Embassy in Russia.

I lol’d.

Though to be honest, ISIS is probably putting out better media than RT at present.  Their news site is okay, I guess, a little bit better than some of the big American ones, not really as good as the Daily Mail.  But the YouTube channel is utter crap.  It seems to get progressively worse, and I don’t really understand why.