Government Bans Downloads of TikTok: Hoax of Free Market Capitalism Officially Debunked

How is it actually even legal for the government to ban the downloading of an app?

It’s a rhetorical question, of course. The government can do whatever the hell it wants as long as the ruling elite agree with it. And the ruling elite are highly supportive of the government banning their competition.

The Guardian:

China has accused the United States of “bullying” and suggested it may take unspecified countermeasures after Washington banned downloads of popular video app TikTok and effectively blocked the use of the Chinese super-app WeChat.

“China urges the US to abandon bullying, cease (its) wrongful actions and earnestly maintain fair and transparent international rules and order,” a statement by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said on Saturday.

“If the US insists on going its own way, China will take necessary measures to resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies.”

The United States made the moves against the two Chinese apps on Friday, citing national security grounds and escalating a fight with Beijing over digital technology.

Under the order, the Tencent-owned WeChat app would lose functionality in the United States from Sunday. TikTok users will be banned from installing updates but could keep accessing the service through 12 November.

US officials described Friday’s measures as essential to national security as President Donald Trump confronts Beijing during a tough re-election campaign.

TikTok users in the United States reacted with a collective shrug to the ban, but many are already planning an exit to other platforms should the clampdown lead to an outright ban.

“Oh my God! Ok! It’s happening! Everybody stay calm!” TikToker Nick Foster told his 577,000 followers, dubbing a video of himself with audio of actor Steve Carell’s character on the series The Office panicking during a fire alarm.

I want to say again: Trump gains absolutely nothing from this.

It is one of his stupidest moves, ever. All it does is make a bunch of teenagers angry because they can’t see the sluts they masturbate to, while benefiting Trump’s serious enemies in Silicon Valley.

Most of those hoes are nasty, by the way.

This one is okay, I guess.

But that video is two years old. I’m sure she’s doubled in size by now.

Why he is doing it?

Well, probably because Mike Pompeo is good at flattering him. Mike Pompeo, an Israeli agent, is obsessed with trying to destroy China so he can create a one world government ruled by Jews.

Trump also probably thinks this makes him look like a serious person, taking serious action.

He probably doesn’t exactly understand that he’s become an icon of the Zoomer generation, and that he’s effectively punishing his own base by denying them their booty sluts.

I guess it’s funny that all these sluts are getting rekt.

The TikTok phenomenon is truly enlightening as to the nature of women. The single thing that any of these hookers want is to shake around and look cute and have a bunch of strangers confirm they’re cute by clicking like. That is literally the entirety of the total existence of a woman.

And whatever, it’s fine. This material is clearly pornographic, in that it is created specifically for people to masturbate to, so actually, it’s not fine.

But if it will keep them from getting so fat, it is better than if they’re fat. An absolute slut teenager who looks good and only wants to shake around on the internet is better than some fat bitch in her late twenties who wants to completely destroy all white men. However, we have identified a clear “teen slut to fat 27-year-old cunt” pipeline, meaning that TikTok girls are fresh fruits rotting on the vine. If you don’t pick that fruit and eat it (impregnate the bitch) that fruit is going to rot, and it will stink up the place.

Look, the point is this: a government edict to ban TikTok destroys any pretext that a “free market” exists. All of these tech companies said they welcome competition. But in actual reality, anyone who would ever compete with them would just be bought out.

Facebook paid 19 billion dollars for WhatsApp. There is no ability for new competition to enter the market when the government refuses to enforce anti-trust laws. So that means that the only entity that could ever compete would be a foreign country, specifically China. Now we know that if China follows all of the rules and is successful, the government will just ban a massive company from operating at all.

If you combine this with the government’s coronavirus hoax, which was obviously designed to completely destroy any remaining small businesses, you have a system where the government is working hand-in-glove with multinational corporations to remove any form of market competition.

Meanwhile, the laws providing rights to private companies, which were designed for a time when businesses competed with each other, are still on the books, and still used to provide immunity for corporations which completely dominate society.

Basically: these corporations are now no different than the government, in that they are absolute entities. But unlike the government, you have no ability to petition them. They can censor you with impunity. They can work in concert to censor you. They can spy on you. They can charge you whatever they want to charge you. There is no possible way you can even complain about them. If you complain publicly, they will just silence you.

This is like friggin’ Rollerball.

Now, imagine that the Antifa are out in the street using lame 1990s memes about “fighting capitalism.”

Capitalism doesn’t exist anymore. The entire basis of our economy is an open market, and no one can claim that this exists anymore, because the government refused to enforce regulations. The corporations bought out the government. The definition of “capitalism” is “competition in a free market.”

In “The Wealth of Nations,” Adam Smith named monopolies as the single biggest threat to a capitalist system, and basically defined the purpose of the government as preventing the establishment of monopolies. I’m not a big economics supporter, and basically believe that things should just be done rationally and logically, rather than according to an ideology, but the idea that a monopoly system is somehow the same thing as capitalism is just factually wrong.

What we are in the process of establishing is no different than communism. In communism, the economy is dominated by the government, which is run by the elite. In this corporate monopoly system, the economy is run by corporations who control the government and are protected by the government. The corporations are run by the elite. In both systems, you have a tiny minority ruling over the masses of people. The differences are actually no more than aesthetic.

The idiot conservatives apparently also believed that this was “capitalism.” They went along with the establishment of these monopolies, because they were too stupid to actually find out what capitalism is, and thought it just meant “companies getting rich and dominating everyone in the name of values.”

Sean Hannity is literally out there right now defending Amazon, claiming that it’s ethical for Jeff Bezos to make tens of billions of dollars as a result of the government forcing all small businesses to close.

Imagine it: “The government is lobbied by multinational corporations to order small businesses to close, the corporations make billions as the small businesses of millions of normal people are destroyed – that’s what it means to have a free market where people provide services.”

Conservatives and Antifa are flip sides of the same retard coin, which was flipped to destroy the American economic system and create a situation of a tiny elite minority ruling over the masses of people.

I mean, come on: does anyone think that after this coronavirus hoax, any single individual is going to be able to start a small business? All of those markets will have been totally gobbled up by the corporations. Even if they could somehow find some place to fill a market, no one will have the money to start a business.

However, in some sense, Antifa is “fighting capitalism,” in that they are helping the globalist elite to destroy the last remnants of the market system, so that the economy can be completely dominated by monopolistic corporations. Their goal is to shut down free speech, to serve as the street enforcers of the corporations.

The corporations can only censor you online. If people were only censored online, then they could organize in real life. Antifa’s job is to prevent that by physically attacking anyone who attempts to organize against the system in real life. As we know, if people fight back when they are attacked by Antifa, they will get charged with crimes, while Antifa will walk free no matter what they do.

We are all going to live to regret this.