Gothenburg: Large Gang Attacks and Robs 18-Year-Old Swede, Slice Off Part of His Ear with Knife

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2019

Someone needs to do something about these roving bands of blond-haired Norsemen.

They’ve gone too far this time.


A young man’s ear was severed during a vicious attack and mugging by a group of at least 10 people in Gothenburg, Sweden, police say.

The 18-year-old victim was ambushed in a parking garage in the Landala district by a gang and stripped of “everything but his underwear,” according to police spokesman Morten Gunneng.

“There was a lonely guy, aged 18, who was robbed by 10 people,” Gunneng told G√∂tesburg-Posten.

“This robbery definitely stands out as extra ugly.”

Gunneng explained that the attackers drew a knife and sliced the victim’s ear.

“It was a serious slash in the ear, which was completely or partially cut off,” Gunneng said.

Officers located the severed piece of ear and transported the victim to receive emergency medical care.

“We drove him to hospital,” Gunneng said. “We skipped an ambulance because we were so close.”

The victim suffered additional injuries during the robbery, as he was punched and kicked by his assailants.