Got Hitler? Got Pepe? Got Retard?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 20, 2016

In the midst of all these happenings, it’s important to remember that life is beautiful.


Walmart’s online store was until recently selling a “Got Hitler?” mug.

Styled in the same font as the famous “Got Milk?” phrase, the “Got Hitler?” mugs were being marketed through a third party vendor on the Walmart site, JM Holdings.

After the web site Vocativ reported that Walmart’s online store was selling the cups, the retail giant removed the item, in addition to similar mugs bearing the slogans “Got retard?” and “Got Pepe?” a reference to a symbol beloved by contemporary white nationalists. JM Holdings, told Vocativ that it generates slogans for mugs based on words pulled from the dictionary, but Pepe is a new concept unlikely to appear in any dictionaries, Vocativ pointed out. That design was also struck from the site.

The “Got Pepe” mug in particular could indicate that merchants and advertisers are starting to see a market in the far right. A creative agency for Cadillac put out a casting call for an “alt-right” individual to be featured in one of its ads.

Oh yes. We are a market now.

And we do got Pepe.

But for me personally, the “got retard?” one is the funniest. I can’t manage to think about it without laughing.

All these women flipping out about it.

The best part is that by the time all these women were complaining, the “got retard?” mugs were all sold out.

It brings me great joy that my countrymen saw these mugs and said “no, I ain’t got retard but I sure af am gonna get me a coffee mug asking if I do.”

America truly is the greatest country of all.