GOP Thinks They’re Going to Win Georgia After Stolen Presidential Election?

Georgia: Literal goyim line up to vote in an election that they know for a fact is fake because they are literal human cattle ruled by Jews.

Do Republicans actually think they’re going to win?

Or is this all just a gigantic scam?

Fox News:

Early in-person voting comes to a close in Georgia on Thursday in the state’s twin Senate runoff elections, where the Republican’s Senate majority is at stake

The latest early voting numbers released Thursday morning by state officials indicate that more than 2.8 million people – or more than a third (36.4%) of all registered voters in Georgia – have already cast a ballot in the election. That’s well more than half of the record-setting 4.9 million total voters in the state who cast in the general election.

Democrats are optimistic about the chances of challengers Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock defeating Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler based on the early-vote numbers. The figures show that Black voters – a crucial base of the Democratic Party – making up a larger percentage of the early-voting electorate than in November’s general election. And they show higher turnout in Democratic congressional districts than in their GOP counterparts.

I have denounced voting in this election for a number of different reasons, and demanded that none of my Georgia readers take part in this absurd farce.

Let’s just bullet this out.

  • This isn’t real: The first and most obvious reason not to participate is that this is an absolute farce. Donald Trump won the presidential election – by a lot. And that was stolen from him – from all of us. So, now they want us to go and vote again, like ridiculous dopes, knowing that if they want to, they can just steal this election, and nothing will happen to them? If people vote in this election, this is going to continue the cycle, and people will just keep voting in fake elections while the country is destroyed. We need the masses of people to refuse participation.
  • The Republicans can go to hell: These snakes refused to defend our President, even though every single one of them knew that this was an absolute sham. No one on earth, who is not either functionally retarded or totally brainwashed, believes that Joe Biden is the most popular person who ever lived, and each and every one of us saw them shut down the count in those swing states in the early hours of November 4. What possible use are these people if they won’t even fight for the presidency? Obviously, zero, and they don’t deserve the time it takes you to vote. They don’t even deserve your spit – though I’ll understand if you give them some of that if you ever happen to see them on the street. This entire thing where we vote for these people and keep them in power because we’re afraid of the alternative has been a bad system for a long time, and now it needs to end.
  • We need a better narrative: The media narrative is going to be a lot better if it says: “Republican voters boycotted the vote” than if it says “Democrats win again!”

Frankly, we need people at the polling stations, protesting. We need people yelling at the people in line, saying they’re betraying Trump by supporting the Republicans. Don’t yell “traitors,” but yell “we won’t participate!” or something. Think of something good and yell it, while you hold up signs that say “CORRUPT SYSTEM.”

Seriously, go do that.

It would be so nice if I had the reach I used to have and we could organize a huge movement to go down to Georgia and hold up signs. But hopefully, others are thinking along these same lines.

We can’t just keep doing this. We can’t keep voting after they stole the election, we can’t keep supporting these Republican TRAITORS.

You see these people lining up to vote in Georgia – this is actual cows walking into the slaughterhouse.

It is actual, literal GOYIM.

This is insane.